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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 22nd March 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Dhara worrying about Chiku. Gautam says he is ours and he will always be ours. She asks why doesn’t everyone taunt me always that I didn’t give him birth, don’t value my upbringing and emotions, because I have raised him with love. We cannot separate Chiku from us, Gautam says because a mother who raises a child is bigger than the mother who gives birth.

It’s no secret I won’t spare Shweta. Gautam says we’ll punish her. Krish and Prerna agree. Prerna hugs Dhara. Dhara says sorry about everything, keep your patience, I’ll get Shweta out of the house soon. Prerna says you don’t apologize and make me feel like an outsider. We’ll get it done together.

Krish says I tell her the same thing. Dhara asks why you didn’t get her before. Then Dhara says thanks and asks if you can do that work. Prerna says yes, and Dev and Rishita sit sadly. Dev says he is angry with me. I was much sad because Chutki wasn’t with me, and I didn’t show Shesh any love. Rishita says I realized my mistake today.

Shiva shouts at Raavi. Everyone hears him. Shiva asks Dhara to come. He asks Raavi to leave. Everyone goes to see it. Dhara tells Prerna to stay there, otherwise, their plan will fail. Raavi asks what are you doing, why would I go anywhere? Shiva says you won’t go anywhere, come. He scolds her for coming to his room. He says I hate you. She gets shocked. Dhara stops Shiva and asks him to keep his manners. I get angry seeing her face whenever you take her side.

Shiva asks Dev if you know what you are saying. Shiva says you will feel bad because you love her. Suman looks on. Shiva says ask her to leave, you take her with you, keep her away from me. Suman asks what are you saying, shut up. Rishita says listen to me. Krish says he has become dangerous. Shiva asks Raavi to leave. Gautam pushes Shiva and scolds him.

I don’t know what magic she did, but everyone is on her side. Shiva says you come to your senses. Shiva says throw her out of the house. Suman says shut up, enough, how do I explain to her? Shiva says make Raavi out, I get angry seeing her. Suman says calm down, I’ll tell you. Gautam says come, I promise she won’t come to you.

Mittu asks Dev for help. He calls him Dad and he calls Raavi Mom. Shiva gets shocked and asks Dev, did you marry Raavi, when. Rishita says no Shiva. Shiva says I told you not to touch the family matters. He asks Dev when did you marry Raavi, do you both have a child, tell me.

It seems Mittu does not remember me. He hugs Dev. He says, “I knew it, you’re my dad.” Raavi cries. Mittu says Shiva isn’t my dad. Shiva asks when they married, if they had a child, and he shouts and gets dizzy. Everyone holds him and takes him to the room. Rishita takes him to the washroom. Raavi asks Dhara to administer Shiva’s medicines.

Shiva asks Dev when did you marry Raavi? He takes medicines. Shiva says I don’t remember, Krish, when did Dev get married. Krish says I will tell you. Gautam says rest.

Shiva sleeps. Raavi asks how will my Shiva be okay. Dhara says we need to follow the doctor’s instructions, he shouldn’t take stress, and you must stay away from his sight for him to be well. Suman says we have to make Shiva fine, you go and stay with Prafulla, I am like your mum, take Mittu with you, Shiva will feel better.

Rishita says you have to go if you want Shiva to be fined. Raavi says fine, I’ll do it. She asks Mittu to come with her. He says no, I’ll stay with Shesh and Chiku. He goes. Suman blesses Raavi. She says, promise, everything will be fine, take care.

She hugs Raavi. Suman prays, and Dhara says the bad time will pass soon. Raavi cleans Prafulla’s house. She sees someone and asks who is there. The superhero guy pushes her away. She sees him and says Shivank, you… He says Raavi. She says yes, you broke my leg, your sister. The kids look for Shesh. Chiku says he isn’t anywhere. Rishita asks what happened. Mittu says she can’t hear it. Chiku shouts. Natasha says the bad boy isn’t here.

As Rishita asks, “Why do my kids leave me?”, they go out searching for Shesh. They read Shesh’s note… I came from the garbage bin and I’m going back to it. Dhara says we’ll go to the police station and find him. A man comes and tells them that Shesh had a bad accident. It shocks them.


Shweta sees Prerna. She says I’ll call the police. Dhara calls the police. Shweta gets arrested.

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