Pandya Store 26th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha’s Accusation Shocks Amba

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 26th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

Dolly comes to Dhawal and tells him Suhani has come if you are not interested, I can go and give an excuse. The episode begins with Amrish telling Amba not to worry, saying Dhawal’s marriage has been annulled. He thanks her and says he will come. He goes downstairs and meets Suhani. Isha cries. She wipes her tears and comes. Suhani says Rohan, we used to play together as children.

Rohan greets Isha while hiding the blood mark on his hand. Upon noticing this, Amba encourages them to have a private conversation. She then turns to Suhani, asking her to share her preferred list as the auspicious time awaits. Dhawal interrupts, stating that he has something important to say. This causes Amba to become anxious. Just then, Natasha arrives, and Amba and Amrish are taken aback. Dhawal looks on curiously as Natasha informs them of an urgent matter she needs to discuss with them. Amrish worries that Dhawal may disagree with his viewpoint. Natasha clarifies that it pertains to the hunters and requests their attention. Amba expresses gratitude for saving Dhawal’s life but advises against conducting any further investigations since it is the job of the police and urges Natasha to move on, just like how Dhawal has moved on. She then introduces Suhani and suggests they talk in private outside. However, Amba changes her mind and suggests they continue their conversation before everyone else.

Isha inquires of Rohan if he is searching for something. He replies that he was looking for a lighter, as he is a smoker and cannot break the habit. Natasha then mentions the man who embraced Rohan at the hospital, stating that he is affiliated with the hunters. She presents the lighter as evidence. As the music begins to play, Rohan and Isha hear a noise, and Rohan investigates. Suhani then identifies it as Rohan’s lighter, and Natasha asks who it belongs to. Suhani reveals that it belongs to her brother. Surprised, Rohan asks how she obtained it. Natasha concludes that this means Rohan is connected with the hunters and responsible for Dhawal being shot, leaving everyone shocked.

Natasha says Suhani said it was yours. Rohan refuses. She says your words don’t match your expressions, and you know the truth. Amba says shut up, what nonsense! Isha and Rohan’s marriage is set. If he is really involved with the hunters, then… Natasha says you should check him carefully. Amba says you can’t decide for my family, happiness has returned in my daughter’s life after a long time, do not interfere. Natasha says she does not lie. Amba threatens her.

Suhani says enough is enough, but there is no single word now. Please, do not do these things in jealousy; my relationship is deteriorating because of these things. Natasha says if you cared about Isha, you wouldn’t have fixed her marriage with this guy. He isn’t the right guy.

Natasha looks at Dhawal. Natasha says this has nothing to do with our relationship. Natasha scolds Rohan. Dhawal looks on. Suhani says you have a problem with me. I don’t want you to vent anger on my mom. Dhawal had agreed to this relationship.

Amma asks what happened to you. Just leave. How can you fall so low? Dhawal worries. Amba says you want Isha’s marriage to happen with Chiku, that’s why you are doing this. I won’t let that happen, and I’ll do everything I can to help my family. Natasha leaves. Rohan acts sweet. He says he is ready to marry Isha. Relax.

After Isha departs, Amba confronts her about her readiness for the relationship. Isha reassures her that she is indeed ready. Dhawal then turns to Rohan and asks him if he has evidence of his whereabouts in Mumbai. Rohan ponders how he can obtain such proof. Suhani interjects, questioning Rohan’s motive for potentially committing such an act. Natasha confidently declares that she will procure evidence to counter the accusation. However, Suhani points out that their father had invited Rohan over without prior knowledge of Isha’s potential alliance and believes him to be truthful. Dhawal urges them to approach the situation logically, stating that if he were in Rohan’s position, he would have also sought confirmation from his brother. While Natasha insists on providing proof, Amba dismisses the need for it, citing Natasha’s track record of stirring up problems without substance. Dhawal trusts Natasha unconditionally but acknowledges that she may not always tell the truth.


Dhawal and Natasha argue. He says tomorrow is my haldi with Suhani.

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