Main Hoon Saath Tere 12th June 2024 Written Episode: Aryaman’s Decision and Kian’s Expulsion

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 12th June 2024 Written Episode Update on

It is a rainy night when Muralidhar approaches Aryaman and informs him that Brij Bhushan has requested his passport. Muralidhar advises Aryaman to leave for Australia to avoid further trouble with Raina. Muralidhar also mentions setting up an online account for Aryaman, showing him numerous friend requests from girls. Aryaman tells Muralidhar not to focus too much on girls.

Muralidhar instructs Aryaman to place his hand on his heart and close his eyes, prompting him to reveal who he sees. Despite visualizing Janvi, Aryaman remains quiet. Muralidhar concludes that Janvi’s troubles have been a source of distress for Aryaman, causing his mind to freeze. With conviction, Aryaman asserts that he will not tolerate negative comments about Janvi. Muralidhar acknowledges that Aryaman has solid feelings for Janvi and encourages him to accept them openly. Eventually, Aryaman admits that his feelings for Janvi began when she defended him before his father. Muralidhar offers a comment on this newfound revelation.

Kian prepares for school the next day, unaware he has been expelled. Pushkar sees an opportunity and offers to take Kian to school, which Kian accepts. Aryaman decides to tell Janvi his identity, revealing he is not Murali but Aryaman Bundela. After finding Janvi’s house locked, Dadi informs him that Janvi has broken her provident fund, and Pushkar has taken Kian to school.

The hotel staff are unsettled by recent events, particularly Raina’s treatment of Janvi. Suyesh insists they must do justice for Janvi, and Brij Bhushan agrees. As Raina approaches Janvi at the hotel, she discovers she is breaking her provident fund. Raina mocks Janvi, calling her foolish for nearly marrying Sadhu. Janvi is visibly upset by Raina’s remarks. In a call from Aryaman, he urges Janvi to go to the school immediately because Pushkar has taken Kian there, and he will be devastated when he learns of his expulsion.

When Pushkar drops Kian off at school, he thinks he will have achieved his revenge. When Kian tries to enter the school, the security guard stops him and informs him of his expulsion. When Aryaman and Janvi arrive at the school, Kian is shocked to see the principal questioning him about his expulsion. As soon as Kian sees Janvi, he asks her why he was expelled. Raina arrives and informs Kian he has been expelled because he has no father’s name on his birth certificate.


As Raina announces the final round of tug-of-war, she asks Mr. Rathore and Kian’s father to appear on stage.

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