Maati Se Bandhi Dor 28th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Forced Marriage and Desperation

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 28th June 2024 Written Episode Update on

She says I’m ready to marry. Ranvijay asks what’s going on. Vaiju saves Ranvijay from being shot by the villagers. He recalls Vaiju’s words. She says I’m ready to marry. The villagers take them. Ranvijay gets locked. Vaiju says I did not do anything wrong, and I just had to say yes to save Ranvijay. Aaji says I get it.

As Vaiju says, he cannot marry Ranvijay and must leave here somehow. Aaji asks how. Vaiju asks if I should call the police. Aaji thinks you can check your neighborhood to see if the phone is working. Aaji stops Kailash and says Vaiju is changing clothes. He says fine. She sees Kailash outside. She says I have to go.

Aaji asks Vaiju to get green bangles for the marriage. Ranvijay, thinking of Jaya, begins to cry. Vaiju attempts to hide and escape, but Ranvijay breaks a window and runs out. Vaiju calls the police for help, but Kailash removes the telephone wire, stopping her. She is caught, and the villagers also capture Ranvijay. Mukhiya declares they should have beheaded Ranvijay and now plan to kill him. Vaiju pleads for forgiveness, promising not to do it again. As they prepare for the marriage, Kaveri calls Vaiju, worried about her. Saleem reassures Kaveri not to worry. Mukhiya states that Ranvijay and Vaiju are bound in marriage for seven lifetimes. Vaiju arrives, and Ranvijay becomes angry upon seeing her.

Under gunpoint, they are forced into marriage. As they exchange garlands, Jaya’s reaction is noticed. Kaveri calls for Saleem to fetch a doctor. After arriving, the doctor informs them that her regular physician is unavailable and assures them she will handle her case. A flicker of movement from Jaya’s fingers brings hope as the doctor states her body responds positively. Excitedly, Kaveri remarks that Vaiju will be overjoyed upon hearing this news. However, Ranvijay, filled with anger and frustration, proceeds with the wedding rounds. He gently places the mangalsutra around Vaiju’s neck. Angered by this display, Mukhiya reprimands and orders him to apply sindoor on the bride’s forehead. The men join in by scolding Ranvijay. He hurriedly applies sindoor to Vaiju’s hairline, and she sobs uncontrollably.


Vaiju says yes, it was a forced marriage, meaningless. She wipes the sindoor and removes her mangalsutra. Ranvijay screams at her.

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