Jhanak 12th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Anirudh Shows Signs of Recovery

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The episode begins with Bipasha expressing hope, which is met with a nod from Arshi. Lal states that if anything happens to Anirudh, Jhanak will be jailed. Inquisitive, Arshi asks where Jhanak is, as she thought she saw Choton at the temple. Tanuja reminds them that their priority should be saving Anirudh. Agreeing with Tanuja, Arshi shares that the pandit gave her a flower and assured her that Anirudh would recover. Shubh asks if they can save him. Tanuja responds by saying they only have one son and are puzzled by how Jhanak managed to wedge between Anirudh and Shubh’s relationship, ultimately ruining everything. The nurse then interrupted and informed them that the patient had taken a turn for the worse and that Jhanak had requested permission to perform a puja using flowers on his forehead. The doctor explained that they had exhausted all available options and would allow Jhanak to proceed if it comforted her beliefs. The nurse then leaves to inform Jhanak of the doctor’s permission.

What do I tell my parents? Shrishti says we are sure you are worried about Anirudh, but Arshi is also concerned. They have been dating for a long time, and who would have thought his accident would occur? This happened because of Jhanak. I believe we should not have gone to Kashmir in that marriage. It was inevitable that this problem would come to us. Jhanak has always relied on Anirudh’s goodness. Anirudh’s colleagues offered help. They asked how this would have happened to us.

According to Arshi, Anirudh has been trapped by a girl. The doctor has given permission, states the nurse. Choton assured me that she would return within two minutes. Meanwhile, the nurse instructs Jhanak to change her attire. Shubh requests Arshi first to take the flower to Anirudh. Tanuja agrees and adds that Anirudh will recover soon. They all urge her to go. Jhanak enters the operation theater while Bipasha threatens that she will harm her if she sees her again. Joining in, Arshi tells Choton to forget this and leave with her. To her surprise, Choton appears, and she questions if he has gone out somewhere. He replies negatively and denies visiting the temple, as she suspected, before adding that he had been there for quite some time.

When Bipasha asks Choton what he’s doing here, he says he’s praying for Jhanak. She thinks of the moments when Jhanak hugged Anirudh. Tanha sa dil hai…plays… Jhanak touches the flower on Anirudh’s forehead. Arshi says I will meet Anirudh, and there’s no time. Choton says come with me, and they’ll let you in from the back door. Bipasha asks why we would go from the backdoor. Doctor asks, are you his wife, we’ve done our best, but the patient must respond. Jhanak cries.

OT won’t let you access it from this door. Choton says, come, it’s getting late. Miracles happen, when science logic fails, love magic works. Bipasha says we can’t see anything from here. Arshi says we’ll go to the nurse’s room, thanks Choton for help, I’ll do it. Arshi sees Jhanak and calls her out. She asks what are you doing here? Answer me. Jhanak says I didn’t know you’d be here.

Choton inquires about your arrival, as he didn’t see you. Were you here to obtain an update from Anirudh? We are on our way somewhere, and Arshi has gone to the temple to perform a prayer and bring back a flower for Anirudh. Do you understand? Jhanak nods in response. Bipasha adds that if Anirudh recovers, it will be because of Arshi’s efforts, not yours. Lal states that we don’t care if you’re here or not. Choton urges Jhanak to leave. Bipasha comments that she is shameless before Jhanak departs. Anirudh reminisces about their moments together and regains consciousness.

There is a miracle. The patient is responding. The nurse says this happened because of the flower. The doctor says he must be responding and going to the intensive care unit. The nurse asks if I should inform his family. The doctor says yes. The nurse goes outside to let everyone know the patient’s body is responding. Everyone smiles.

It would be nice to touch this flower to Arshi’s forehead, but Chotan stops the nurse from doing so. He says Arshi, keep the flower. Anirudh is fine, so we’ll go downstairs and let them know. Bipasha asks if we’ll get another update soon. The nurse says yes, Choton says come, and Arshi thanks her. They all leave for the lift.

In response to the nurse’s question, Choton says that Jhanak is his wife and has a right to be with him. He apologizes, we have some family issues, is Anirudh okay? She says yes, I understand. He thanks her. As he talks to Jhanak, he tells her Anirudh is responding. Jhanak smiles. He says he will be transferred to the room if everything is okay.


Jhanak says she insulted Anirudh; he met with an accident, and I was helpless. Choton says you have to be with and care for him as his nurse.

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