Jhanak 23rd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Anirudh’s Confrontation and Jhanak’s Dilemma

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As Anirudh meets Arshi, she says everyone has a problem with it, and you don’t know Jhanak. She says this is because of you. I know, Shrishti told me about Rahul and her, I don’t know the truth, but we are one, and we can’t keep fighting, I’ll feel lonely if you don’t understand me. She says you are getting serious about her, it’s a cheat if mom is correct, you are fighting the family for her. Despite the family’s actions, I did the right thing.

Besides Jhanak cheating, her mother also cheated, she says. I don’t care what you tell me; I got her home to help, she’ll leave one day, we should take care of ourselves, it’s our lives. She nods. He says I love you. She says I love you too. They hug. She says her mother thinks Jhanak should stay here. He says I agree, and I’ll talk to her. She thanks and hugs him.

He sits thinking. He wonders why Jhanak hid about her affair, if she loves Rahul, then why married me, why did Rahul agree. Everyone talks about the party. Bipasha says it’s Arshi’s birthday. Lal asks the girls to study. Anirudh gets home. He said he went to Arshi’s house to talk to her but needed to speak with you and plan something. He collides with Jhanak. He recalls Jhanak and Rahul. He scolds her for cheating me.

Her shock is palpable as she observes the surprise on everyone’s faces. She quickly apologizes for her actions. He reprimands her, accusing her of being accustomed to lying, and reminds her that he did not bring her here to be in charge. She offers a pot of soup to the group. However, Bipasha takes this opportunity to make a snide comment towards her. Anirudh then clarifies that she is not part of their family and advises her to keep a distance, focus on work, and only intervene when needed. He specifically mentions that Arshi’s birthday falls on the 25th and instructs her to move to Shrishti’s residence the following day, as he regrets bringing her there in the first place. He suggests it would have been better for all if she stayed with relatives. Feeling foolish, he concludes by saying she should prepare to leave at any moment.

Jhanak expresses her desire to return home. She reveals that she knows the real reason behind this and doubts that she will go home. She demands to know her true intentions instead. Confused, she asks what is being discussed. Bipasha suggests that she go to her Maasi’s house and decide since they are not concerned about it. Anirudh reminds Jhanak that he brought her here and is responsible for her welfare, but their responsibility will soon end as she goes to Arshi’s house. Tanuja intervenes and reprimands Jhanak for overstepping boundaries, which Jhanak defends herself against. The tension escalates until Anirudh interrupts and clarifies the situation to Tanuja, who had just arrived, about Lal’s complaint against Jhanak’s actions in making soup without permission.

She says I don’t want you to fall into any trouble. Tanuja says excellent, do your work well. Anirudh goes. He thinks I might have told a lot, but she lied to me, I risked much to help me, and she cheated on me; why did she come when she wanted to leave? In her words, Shrishti says she knew Jhanak. She came here for a drama, and she’s eyeing Anirudh now since she knows he’s innocent.

She says don’t trust Jhanak; she’s very clever. Stay alert, Arshi says. Shrishti says I am telling the truth. Arshi says I trust Anirudh. She says she also trusts him but tries to understand. Jhanak is there; she can do anything. Arshi asks what you mean: She will influence Anirudh. Shrishti says she has done this before as well. He risked his life to get her here. Arshi says you think she will snatch my Anirudh. Shrishti elaborates.

Anirudh comes for dinner. Lal asks if you had food in Sasural. Anirudh says he spent time persuading Arshi. He sees Jhanak. Tanuja calls the Servant Shyam. Shyam serves the food to Anirudh. Anirudh says you will serve the food. Shyam said okay, and Jhanak asked me to rest. She leaves. Anirudh calls her out and asks if you had food. Tanuja asks why you care. Jhanak cries and remembers Urvashi’s words.

In her letter to Urvashi, she writes, “I don’t want to stay here and go back. I may die if I go back.” She writes, “I accept whatever happens.” She says you didn’t think of me before taking that step. I had many dreams, and you didn’t trust me. Anirudh is restless.


As Vandana recalls Vaibhav’s and Mrunal’s taunts, she falls.

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