Jhanak 1st January 2024 Written Episode Update: Jhanak’s High Fever and Arshi’s Confrontation

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The Episode starts with Jhanak saying no one values me. Arshi goes. Anirudh asks where you’re going. He says to sit in the car and listen to me. She lies to sleep. Anjana says she has a high fever. She asks what happened, Jhanak. Jhanak murmurs in sleep. She cries. Anjana worries. Anirudh says you don’t believe Jhanak; I love you. Arshi says you organized the party for me and gave flowers and cake to Jhanak, and why did you remain quiet?

The driver stops and says he has something to tell her. She asks what is going on. I stayed with Jhanak in her house at night after Urvashi’s suicide when I was in Kashmir. Bharat fixed Tejas and Jhanak’s marriage, but she went missing; her friends asked for my assistance, I found her, and villagers forced me to marry her. She asks what he is talking about. He said yes, I tried not to, but we had no choice. Trust me, I don’t value this marriage.

She confronts him with a barrage of questions: “Did you get angry? How could you do this? Did you let her die? Did you cheat on me? Is that why you’re here in Kolkata?” She expresses her disappointment: “I’m not sure what happened between the two of you behind my back. Shame on you.” She makes a decision: “You can stay with Jhanak. I am ending our relationship right now.” Her response takes him aback. He tries to defend himself: “Please trust me.” However, she refuses to believe him and declares that nothing is left between them. He begs for a chance to explain, but his daydreaming is interrupted when she demands an answer. He realizes he can’t confide in Arshi and keeps quiet. Meanwhile, Anjana wakes her husband up and informs him that Jhanak has a high fever and needs help.

Anirudh asks why you hit Jhanak. Arshi says you felt terrible; I think the same way; stop. He says I’m dropping you off at home, I love you so much, don’t be angry, it’s your birthday, I want to make it a good ending. She says Jhanak has already spoiled everything; she can’t stay in Kolkata. Let her come home, and I’ll send her back to Kashmir. He says it’s okay, Jhanak wants to go back, her boyfriend will take care of her, and I don’t want any misunderstandings between us. She cries.

As the car comes to a stop, he expresses his love and apologies. In return, she reciprocates her feelings, and they embrace. Anjana tends to Jhanak, informing everyone that her temperature reaches 104 degrees. Concerned, her husband suggests they wait out the night and call the doctor in the morning. Jhanak reveals that Arshi had slapped her twice, causing her distress. Anjana comforts her with a cool cloth on her forehead until she falls asleep. The following day, Tanuja inquires about Jhanak’s well-being, only to be told by her Uncle that she’s still sick. Bipasha chimes in, informing them that she was intoxicated last night and maybe faking her illness.

Shubh expresses relief that the person is leaving. However, Uncle disagrees and reveals that they have personally observed the person’s poor state of health. Shubh inquires for clarification, and Appu enters, asking about Jhanak. Anjana informs Appu that Jhanak is unwell and advises her to rest. Appu insists that they have been too harsh on Jhanak and she won’t be able to join them. Anirudh arrives to have his meal and asks Shubh about leaving the office early. Anirudh confirms and says he needs to drop Jhanak off at Arshi’s place. Anjana interjects, stating that Jhanak is not feeling well. Shubh blames it on a hangover, causing Anirudh to inquire about what may have happened. Uncle chimes in, revealing that Anjana had checked up on her last night when her temperature reached 104 degrees. Admitting it accurate, Anjana explained she was upset and went to see her.

Shubh says don’t overreact. Anirudh thinks we should consult a doctor. Tanuja says to drop her at Arshi’s place. Anjana says she can’t stand on her feet; let her go. Shubh says no, she won’t stay here. That’s final. Appu says I must meet Jhanak. Anirudh says I will meet Jhanak and then decide. Tanuja says no need to have breakfast. Let me meet her once, he says.

Appu praises Jhanak for doing well and suggests that she get some rest. However, Shubh scolds her while Anirudh checks on Jhanak. He gently takes her hand and calls out to her, asking how she’s feeling. He reassures her of her safety and offers to take her to the doctor for proper care. Jhanak insists on going home, but Anirudh explains she must go to Arshi’s place instead. Just then, Arshi arrives and is welcomed by Shubh, who invites her for breakfast. She then asks about Jhanak’s readiness and Anirudh’s whereabouts, prompting Lal to lie about his presence in Jhanak’s room. Arshi notices their strange behaviour.


Then Dadi asks Jhanak to fill sindoor in her maang. Shubh asks what you didn’t tell us. Jhanak says I got married. She falls down the stairs. Anirudh runs to hold her. She faints. He lifts her and takes her upstairs.

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