Jhanak 5th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Jhanak’s Struggles and Anirudh’s Dilemma

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The Episode begins with Tanuja questioning Jhanak about her husband’s profession, to which Jhanak denies involvement in criminal activities. Bipasha also wonders what Jhanak’s husband does for a living. Appu asks for more clarification on the matter. Dada advises not to dwell on this topic. Tanuja expresses her doubts about Jhanak’s husband needing to be more productive and asks if he communicates with her. She reminds Jhanak of their forced marriage and doubts that he will ever accept her. Dadi comments that it is Jhanak’s destiny and instructs her to complete the ritual of filling the sindoor as the pandit will arrive for the puja tomorrow. This sudden announcement leaves Jhanak in shock. Anjana supports her, while Dadi emphasizes the importance of following customs.

A moment later, Jhanak stops Anirudh and asks, did I hurt you? He says no. She then asks, why are you hurting me? He says I’m just trying to take care of you.

He tells her, “Am I hearing that you believe I have forced you to stay here? I intend to keep you alive.” She responds, “I’m dying every moment I spend in this place. Why did you send me fruits?” He explains, “The doctor advised that you should eat fruits. Is there a problem with that?” She blames him, stating, “It’s your family who has an issue.” He tries to calm her down and says, “Please don’t shout.” She expresses her desire to go to Srinagar. He reminds her, “You shouldn’t raise your voice like that. You’re starting to cross a line.” She questions him, saying, “What line? Who gets to set my boundaries? Who are you to lecture me about limits? Do you think it was kind of you to bring me here? Do you believe I’m happy here?” He argues, “This is a fresh start for you.”

She tells me that your family doesn’t want me to stay here. I didn’t drink that day, but I was forced to. He assures me that no one is blaming me, but he is angry with my behaviour. However, he doesn’t know who made me drink. She explains that you are trying to make me feel insulted by asking me to leave. He reminds me not to ask for his help now. She responds with a firm “fine” and reminds him of what he said today. He expresses concern about my safety at the hands of Tejas and worries for Rahul’s well-being if he tries to save me. She reassures him that only she will suffer, not Rahul or him. They continue to argue.

She declares her desire to leave immediately, as your family has requested that I apply sindoor in my maang and conduct a puja tomorrow. You accuse her of being responsible for informing them about our marriage. She admits she had no other choice. You question if this is indeed the case. She responds affirmatively. You suggest using fake sindoor instead. She questions why this is necessary. You remind her that it’s our only option now and that she should prioritize her studies until things calm down with your family. She emphasizes the importance of her self-respect, stating that we got married out of necessity and should not be required here. You agree. Please explain why you applied for Sindoor on her behalf.

When she asked him if he would help me, he replied no. She says yes, I’ll do it myself. He says what you mean. She thinks I’ll go back home alone. He says I got you here so you won’t leave without my consent. She asks by what relation are you showing this right. He says I said what I wanted. Lal scolds Bipasha. Anirudh says I’m leaving. Bipasha asks if Jhanak is bothering you. Jhanak says I worked here. Lal scolds her.

She tells us to finish cleaning and go to my room, there is some work to be done, stay away from Anirudh, and Lal says you can share the matter with us as well. Jhanak says I need to talk to Sir Ji. Anirudh says she wants to leave the house. Bipasha says she can share that with us as well. Jhanak says Sir ji got me here, so I tried to tell him I wanted to return home as soon as possible. She leaves. Lal tells me to drop Bipasha off at her maika.

Bipasha says beware of Jhanak. She’s married, and Dadi said her Sindoor ceremony will take place tomorrow, so she’s acting crazy. Lal says she stays here and has to follow the rituals. Anirudh tells her to live as she wants. She’ll leave in a few days. Her husband’s name and the Sindoor will be applied.

The man says you are her would-be husband, so she cannot reject your request. Anirudh says he will ask her and let you know. He is at his office talking to the team about the cultural event. He says Arshi can take this decision. He thinks talking to Jhanak on this platform can help her and change her life. He will ask her.

Jhanak talks to Dadi.

Anjana says a woman applies Sindoor for her husband’s safety. Dadi asks why. Tanuja says be ready for rasam. Dadi nods. Appu says I also want to get married and apply Sindoor, why are you refusing Jhanak, you will get good food. Bipasha says it’s okay if your husband can’t come here. We’ll make a video call to him.

Appu taunts Tanuja. Jhanak, your fast starts tomorrow morning. Pandit will come. You must get Sindoor in the ritual. Don’t do a drama, she says. We will tell people that you have come from Srinagar for a job, and your husband still lives there. We want to know who your husband is. Bipasha asks what we will tell people.


When the cup falls and breaks, Jhanak keeps the letter. Anirudh wakes up and asks what happened and if everything is fine. He reads the letter and says you won’t go. Tanuja says you were in Anirudh’s room. Shubh questions Anirudh. Jhanak prepares the food for Anirudh. Anirudh is mesmerized when he sees her.

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