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At the beginning of the episode, Shubh scolds Chotan. He says guests are coming, who will do the work at home, and will the servants watch the program with us? Jhanak says I don’t want to go, don’t worry, I’ll do everything and cook food too. Anirudh says I didn’t bring Jhanak here to make her a maid, Dad. Tanuja asks who she is and what is she doing here if she isn’t a maid. He says she’s here as a guest.

Jhanak says I am not a guest. I’m a maid in this house, and my mother worked as a servant as well. If my fate is the same, then fine. I’ve accepted the truth. Don’t say it again and again. I don’t want you to take my side always. If you see these clothes, I’ll keep them. Yes, Tanuja says, if you are the maid, Anirudh owns this house.

Anirudh firmly states that no matter what others may think, Jhanak will always be much more than a maid to him. When Dadi questions him, Anirudh clarifies that he may have misspoken and reiterates that Jhanak is not their maid but rather a dear friend and family member. As Anjana tries to hush Appu, Bipasha, and Shubh, inquire about Jhanak’s relationship with Anirudh. Keeping his stance, Anirudh affirms that she is not just Arshi’s sister but also their relative, and he refuses to deny it. In the meantime, Jhanak busies herself with arranging the clothes and boxes.

It’s late at night, and Anirudh tells Chotan, “I’m leaving for the office.” Tell me when you’re free. I need to talk about something important. Chotan says fine. Anirudh leaves. Chotan is shocked. He asks what happened there. Anirudh tells Chotan, “What happened then? What happened there?” I’m afraid to share this with you, but I’ve always shared everything with you. Chotan asks what happened then. Her village people forced you to leave.

He says we couldn’t because the village forced me to marry. Chotan is shocked. He asks why you kept it secret, and it’s a big deal. My family will not understand me, I do not believe in this marriage, Arshi is my wife and I will marry her, the villagers forced me to marry Jhanak, I refuse this marriage. In response to Chotan’s question, where did the marriage occur, temple? Anirudh says yes. In response to Chotan’s question, did you apply for Sindoor? Anirudh says yes.

Anirudh says marriage is real, so you can’t deny it. Chotan asks why you are doing this for her. Jhanak also denied it, saying she had washed off her Sindoor before coming here. Don’t get emotional, and we don’t feel anything for one another, trust me. Anirudh says she was in danger; I took a considerable risk and saved her; if she goes away, I will know what will happen to her. I did a drama on that day when everyone pressured her to meet her husband.

Chotan says it means you came on a video call. Anirudh replies yes. Chotan then asks what game you are playing with her. Anirudh says no, there was no other option. I had hidden my face and changed my voice. I wanted everyone to spare Jhanak. Shrishti noticed my wristband, and Arshi questioned me. They hug and cry together.

Anirudh is helpless, but you say that Jhanak is being mistreated. She doesn’t have her mother, she doesn’t have anyone, she’s alone, how long will you keep her here, and if you marry Arshi, will Arshi let her stay here? Chotan says her villagers would like to send her to Tejas because she is a brilliant dancer and does not need to be afraid. Anirudh says I thought she would study and make her career.

Anirudh says they don’t care, I care for her, did I do anything wrong? Chotan says I don’t know, and you are also in danger. Anirudh asks how. Chotan says Arshi doubts you. Send Jhanak to the shelter. When Anirudh said I tried to do it, I could not. I have a reason, which I will tell you at the right time, and I need your help. Chotan asks why I cannot help. Anirudh says you are a good person, and we can introduce her at the cultural event in my office.

Chotan and Anirudh were discussing a situation that could potentially lead to chaos. Anirudh expressed his willingness to take the risk but needed Chotan’s assistance. Chotan agreed to help; however, Anirudh insisted that there be no “buts” as he required Chotan’s support to take Jhanak out. He explained that due to Brijbhushan’s absence, he planned on taking her to Kolkata for guidance. Chotan was concerned about the involvement of Arshi and Shrishti, but Anirudh assured him that they would not be informed for a specific reason. When asked why, Anirudh replied that it would be revealed soon. Reluctantly, Chotan agreed but questioned if more secrets were being kept from him. Anirudh admitted that there were and stressed their importance.

During breakfast, everyone eats. Bipasha asks Jhanak to make food, and Tanuja asks Jhanak to get the items. Chotan says I need Jhanak’s help. Shubh asks how she will help. He asks Jhanak to come with him to the school. Chotan says I got a big order of books, and I can’t carry them alone so that Jhanak can assist me. Shubh says fine, take her; you can make some money; it’s good for you, and give Jhanak some money as well.

I already have a lot of help from you, Jhanak says. When Anirudh arrives, Anjana asks him to have food. He sits down to eat. Chotan tells Anirudh that he is taking Jhanak out to do some work. Lal asks why you are informing him since he is Jhanak’s guardian. Bipasha says bring her here in the evening. Chotan assured me she would arrive on time.

Anjana says I will feed Appu the food. Jhanak thinks I will do it. Anirudh eats the food quickly and says I will be late. Lal asks if we’re all going to the program. Shubh taunts Jhanak as an outsider. The event tickets are sent by Anirudh, who leaves. Chotan says I will also leave. He departs.

Bipasha rebukes Jhanak while Anirudh overhears. Jhanak reminds her of her instructions. Shubh interrupts and advises Bipasha to stop constantly defending herself. Jhanak then suggests it would be easier if Bipasha clearly states that she does not want her around Anirudh. After this, Jhanak leaves, and they ask Anirudh to observe the situation. Tanuja questions how they found this girl, and Anirudh responds by saying he can see what is happening here before leaving himself. Chotan takes Jhanak to a different location, explaining that they did not come for a book delivery; instead, Anirudh asked for his assistance in bringing her there, as he will arrive soon.

Jhanak inquires about the situation and replies that he is uncertain. She questions his actions, fearing they will only lead to more trouble for her. He asks if she thinks he is worse than Tejas. She reassures him that this is not what she meant and reminds him that it’s her life and that she has a right to understand it. He suggests seeking answers from Anirudh as he truly wishes her the best. Jhanak expresses that she doesn’t want his good wishes and decides to leave. He assures her that both himself and Anirudh are on her side and she is not alone in this. He also reminds her to show respect towards Anirudh,, who has risked himself for her sake. Just then, Anirudh arrives at the scene.

Jhanak says you made Chotan lie. Anirudh says come for practice, we’re getting late, and you have a dance performance. She refuses. He says enough, I’m not free, I have a lot of work, I came here just for you. She argues. Anirudh says we’re going to Brijbhushan ji. She is shocked.


Jhanak gets angry. She scolds Anirudh. She threatens to end her life. Shubh observes. Brij says you can’t dance well; learn from Arshi and Shrishti.

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