Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Sahiba’s Mental Health Crisis


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Sahiba imagines herself in Manveer, who yells at her that it looks like Angad is planning to divorce her, but she does not want to give up the luxuries and is very greedy. Inder asks why Sahiba pushed Manveer. Sahiba says she isn’t like that and calls Angad. She imagines Manveer trying to kick her out of the house and pushes him. Sahiba next is yelled at for misbehaving with her mother-in-law.

As Sahiba imagines her attempting to stab her with a knife, she pushes even her. The guest shouts that this is an unacceptable behavior. Sahiba urges him not to separate her from Angad. The guest says Angad is such a nice boy, and he is fortunate he got Sahiba. Bebe tells Inder that Manveer has told her Sahiba has been acting strangely since last night, and now she has seen it herself. Seerat tells Bebe that Sahiba is crazy.

Jasleen calms down Sahiba. Family members continue to question Sahiba about why she is acting that way. Sahiba imagines guests trying to kill her. She picks a knife and injures Manveer after screaming. Inder shouts about what she did and asks the maid to bring a first-aid kit. Sahiba harmed herself yesterday, but today, she is hurting others. Hansraj warns everyone to stay away from her.

Angad and Garry discuss Sahib’s condition. Jasleen, Gurleen, and Prabjot catch Sahiba. Manveer’s guests feel sorry for her and comment that she will lose her peace of mind if she keeps Sahiba in her house. She shouts that she will send Sahiba to mental health care.

Angad drives his car, believing things have turned worse due to his misunderstanding. Sahiba tried to expose Veer, but he and his family never believed her. He is unsure of how his family will react to Veer’s truth. As Sahiba is ill, Garry calls him and asks him to return home soon. Angad asks what happened to Sahiba. Garry replies that he will explain it later, but first, Angad must get home.

Angad wonders what happened to Sahiba. Jasleen takes her to her room. Sahiba continues to panic, breaking a mirror when she sees herself in it. Jasleen calms her down by telling her there is no one here. When Manveer arrives, he asks the mental health nurses to take Sahiba away. Jasleen asks who they are and where they are going. Manveer says mental health care.

Jasleen says no in shock and pleads with her not to send Sahiba to mental health care. Sahiba resists. Manveer orders nurses to take Sahiba away. Inder tells Jaspal that he does not know what’s happening in this house. Jaspal touches the house with happiness and walks away. Nurses drag out Sahiba. Inder asks what’s going on. It’s Jasleen who tells him that Manveer wants to send Sahiba to mental health care, so stop her.

As Angad drives home, he recalls all the incidents in which he humiliated Sahiba, filed for divorce, went against her, and supported Veer. Inder asks Manveer what she is doing. Bebe asks how she can do this. Sahiba pleads to be spared since she is okay. Sahiba has misbehaved with her friends, so Manveer says she should be hospitalized.

Prabjot says Sahiba deserves to go to a mental asylum for her behavior since last night. Jasleen tongue-lashes Seerat for not helping her sister. Seerat says she wasn’t able to see her sister mentally ill. Garry asks who they are and where they are taking Sahiba. Jasleen says Manveer is taking Sahiba to a mental asylum. Garry refuses to take Sahiba with them. Manveer warns him not to interfere.


In response to Sahiba’s call, Angad stops his car and runs behind the ambulance.

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