Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st April 2023 Written Update


Angad drops Sahiba off at her parents’ house. Sahiba asks him to come in, but Angad refuses, saying she should finish her work. Sahiba taunts him, saying he is guarding her friend’s door and does not realize there is also a back door. When they see them, Sahiba’s family is happy to see them and asks Angad to come inside. Sahiba says he won’t come since he has a call. Ajith says it doesn’t look good if their son-in-law isn’t inside.

When Sahiba asks her parents about Seerat, they say she is in her room. Santosh fears Sahiba learned about Garry and gets tensed. She listens to the voice message she sent to Garry. Sahiba walks in and says she wants to talk. Seerat gets tense and says she’ll get something for Sahiba. Sahiba asks her if she was thinking about that boy. Santosh hears their conversation and realizes Sahiba has knowledge of Garry. She interferes and asks Sahiba not to put undue pressure on Seerat.

Santosh hurriedly tries to take her away. Sahiba asks if she knows the boy’s name is Garry. Seerat asks her to forget it and enjoy her tea instead. In the kitchen, Seerat is preparing tea, Keerat jokes that one who enters the kitchen to check what food is prepared is preparing tea today, she prays to God to keep her safe. Taiji chuckles. Garry calls Sahiba and she realizes she picked Seerat’s phone instead of Garry’s. She walks aside and picks up his call. Garry thanks her for not taking his name and says he will send her some money.

Ajith gives Sahiba Angad’s left bag, saying it was a mistake. Sahiba says she had come to meet Seerat and she will go now. Sahiba murmurs hmm and disconnects the call. Angad notices Sahiba and wonders who she is talking to. Sahiba returns and says the call was a mistake. Sahiba walks to Seerat’s room after forgetting her purse. She warns Seerat not to try to protect that boy, but Seerat shows adamancy. Sahiba decides to expose the boy.

Ajith offers her a gift and walks out with her to drop her off at her parents. Sahiba greets her parents and talks to Garry for over a minute. Seerat is tense seeing Garry’s call and Sahiba talking to him for over a minute. Sahiba thinks Sahiba knows about Garry. Sahiba tells him that she is hiding a secret for the first time. She is following his advice to handle her problems without accepting defeat, and she will reveal the truth to him soon.

She gets into the car as Angad greets Ajith. Ajith says she is his pride and will set everything right. She should reveal the truth to him as soon as she finds it. Angad says sometime later that it would have been better if Ajith had come in.

Garry asks Sahiba if Angad knows that he and Seerat know each other and he saved her from goons.

Garry becomes tense.

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