Kumkum Bhagya 29th March 2023 Written Update

As Prachi asks Akshay to come with her, DJ plays music. Akshay asks Prachi for a dance. Prachi and Akshay dance. Ranbir gets sad. Song plays…tu mera koi na hoke. Ranbir says to Dida, “Even I thought so.” He couldn’t bear to see Prachi and Akshay dancing. Dida takes Pallavi by the hand.

Hea tells Ranbir that she knew that he was romantic, but didn’t realize how romantic he is, and says for Akshay’s proposal, you have a big hand and they won’t forget you. Rhea says you wrote the poem that won Prachi’s heart, and Ranbir makes a sad face. Akshay and Prachi end their dance. Everyone claps.

Akshay gets a phone call from his dad and says I did it. Rhea hugs Prachi and tells her that she is so happy for her. It gets disconnected. Rhea tells Prachi that Ranbir helped Akshay propose to you. Prachi gets shocked and leaves, but some guests stop her. Pallavi asks Dida what the matter is. Badi Dadi asks didn’t you see? Pallavi asks what? Dida says Ranbir felt heartbreak when Akshay proposed to Prachi. Pallavi says Ranbir was aware of this, so why he was upset?

They appear to be standing in the same spot. Badi Dadi says Choti was right. Pallavi says Akshay said Ranbir helped him. Ranbir might have a misunderstanding that Akshay is going to propose to another girl, perhaps Prachi. Dida tells that Ranbir was not aware that Akshay was proposing to Rhea’s sister.

Dida says it was obvious seeing his face, and tells Pallavi to do everything and stop Ranbir from meeting Prachi. If you know what Rhea has done for us, she will gain our love. She says the chance is good, so take advantage of it, and announce Rhea and Ranbir’s engagement or marriage.

The badi dadi says yes. Pallavi says no, I will not do this. Dida asks if you don’t want the happiness of this house. Pallavi says what matters to her is Ranbir’s happiness, and will not make a decision without talking to him first. The situation is different now, Prachi has returned. She asks them not to do anything and leaves.

Aryan comes there. Ranbir asks him to leave and tells him I don’t want to hear anything anymore. Aryan says you have helped Akshay propose to Prachi then why are you in a bad mood? Aryan asks Ranbir if he lied. Ranbir replies no, he showed me and I thought she was Priya. He says it was my mistake, he is a good guy, but I never thought he would propose to Prachi.

He asks if something is going on inside of you, and if you still love her. He says, what a silly question, I know what it was like without Prachi, but I want to hear about it. There is an emotional look on Ranbir’s face. Aryan asks him not to lie. Ranbir looks at Prachi who is leaving. He goes behind Prachi and goes into the room.

Prachi comes out of the washroom. Ranbir asks her to listen. Prachi turns to him. She slips. He holds her before she falls. Ranbir and Prachi look at each other emotionally. Dida interrupts their moment and calls Ranbir. Ranbir says Prachi had slipped, so he held her. A big thing is going to happen, Dida says and asks Prachi to come along. Ranbir asks what the matter is.

He is brought out by Dida. Ranbir asks what the matter is. Dida says Pallavi will tell you. Ranbir looks at Prachi again. Dida asks Pallavi to announce Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage. Pallavi asks why? Dida asks her to see Prachi and Ranbir together. Pallavi asks what?

Before something goes wrong, we should remind Ranbir of his promise, Dida says. Pallavi says I’ll talk to him first and find out what he’s thinking. It is a waste to talk to Pallavi. Dida says it is a waste to talk to Pallavi. Badi Dadi says you cannot be stopped and says the right thing at the right time matters. Before Ranbir accepts Prachi again, she asks her to take things into her own hands.

As Vikram approaches Ranbir, Dida takes the microphone to thank the audience. She says that today is an auspicious day as Ranbir was born today, Akshay and Ranbir have become business partners today, and Akshay has proposed to Prachi.

She says I’m sure Akshay will take care of Prachi always. Akshay says always. Ranbir and Prachi stare at each other. Dida tells that she was waiting to talk to everyone, and she says her Badi Didi prayed to the Gods that Rhea would become our bahu and Ranbir’s wife.

Dida says Didi’s mannat has been fulfilled, so now Rhea will become our bahu. Rhea hugs Badi Dida. Pallavi becomes angry. Ranbir and Prachi are shocked.

On that big day, Akshay tells Ranbir that they will get married on the same day, on the same mandap. He says Rhea can marry you, and I’ll make Prachi mine. Ranbir says Prachi refused your proposal.

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