Teri Meri Doriyaan 31st March 2023 Written Update


When Angad arrives at the hotel, Seerat is eagerly waiting for Garry’s return. Angad inquires at reception about Seerat’s room thinking Seerat has to tell him who that man is. As Garry returns, he gets tense seeing Angad there. He hides and rushes towards the room. At Brar Mansion, Sahiba thinks she needs to find out where Angad met Seerat. Children insist that she sing one more song.

In response to Japjot’s comment, the teacher asks the maid to bring snacks for the kids. Akaal stops the maid and asks Sahiba to prepare snacks for the kids and perform her first kitchen ritual. As soon as Manveer hears that, he walks away. Hansraj taunts that poor kids will get free food in the future and they will beg for money. In a fit of fury, Keerat says their houses are small, but they don’t lack food; he can visit them sometime and fill his mouth with food.

Akaal asks Hansraj if he needs to add anything else. Japjot asks Sahiba to make sure the children are fed well. Keerat takes Sahiba aside. Jasleen thinks she saw that boy. The hotel manager asks Seerat to make payment. She says a boy who is staying with her will return and pay. The manager says the room is booked in her name, so she must pay.

She asks the manager to get the bill together, she will come down and pay it. Garry calls her and asks her to leave right now as Agnad has arrived with the police and will arrest her. Seerat asks the manager to get the bill ready for her. Angad’s detective asks him to wait until the police arrive since it’s dangerous for him to go alone there. Angad says he won’t wait. Keerat tells Sahiba that Brars misbehaved with her, so she should return home. Sahiba says she can’t until Seerat is found, and he promises to put an end to their problems and make their family a better place.

Hansraj notices them and asks Jasleen who that boy is. Keerat says Angad got them into trouble and that she is enjoying herself somewhere. Sahiba says Angad found out Seerat’s location and has gone to meet her. Angad knocks on Seerat’s door. The detective brings the manager and asks him to open the door with a master key. Manager refuses. Detective says the police will arrive soon. The manager opens the door.

Seeing Keerat’s moustache lose, Veer hugs her and murmurs in her ears to refix it. Sahiba serves snacks to children, and they praise their taste. Jasleen realizes that Keerat is in the room and considers troubling Sahiba again. Angad can’t find anyone in the room. The manager says he spoke to the girl in the room just a bit ago. The manager says she booked the room alone. The detective asks Angad if he informed anyone about his visit. Angad realizes he informed Sahiba. He will not spare Sahiba this time.

Japjot asks him to give something to Sahiba. Manveer taunts that Sahiba will ask for something precious from Akaal. Sahiba says her father taunted her to be self-reliant, she used to run a shop and care for her family, and never valued money or precious things. Hansraj supports Manveer and mocks Sahiba. Then she points to Hansraj and says a few shameless people rely on others for their luxuries. Hansraj gets angry hearing that. Sahiba asks Akaal to allow her to visit her parents for a paghphera.

According to Manveer, she repeatedly tries to hit at their wounds and mentions her parents, which they don’t want to hear. Sahiba says she has never disclosed her parents’ names to Manveer before. Japjot says she has no problem with any ritual, but she has a problem when Sahiba’s family is involved. Akaal says a person cannot live without their family, so Sahiba’s wish is okay. She cannot perform the paghpera ritual without Angad, who says he will accompany her.

Precap: Angad tells Sahiba that they cannot deny that Sahiba is his wife, and it is his duty to fulfil her wishes.

Angad says he will visit Sahiba’s family and asks her to get ready. Jasleen exposes Keerat.

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