Faltu 15th January 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

I am sorry Tanisha, no matter how much I try, I still think of that girl, I never imagined that she would cheat me, believe me, she wasn’t like that, she was a simple girl, not a clever cheat. Sid says Pratap is her brother, so he said he is from Rajasthan, so I should find out where they live. Tanisha says I’m shocked too, but we can’t interfere in someone else’s life. Faltu says I’ll go home and tell you everything.

When Sid asks the house owner if Faltu lives with her husband, the man replies that she does not, she stays with her brother and dad. He says she is my friend, I came to see her. She may be my trump card if she stays with her brother and dad, not with her husband. As Pratap brings Faltu home, Charan asks what happened. Faltu tells him everything. When he gets angry, he asks why she scolded Ayaan. She says it was only fair.

Sid calls Sumitra and says he went shopping with Tanisha. He asks her not to think much. She says we should leave. He says no, we won’t find a house like this at such a low price anywhere else. Tanisha went with Ayaan to watch the cricket tournament. Sumitra says no, she is allergic to cricket, she went shopping, and she said that just to convince Janardhan, Sid had much work at the office, but he took Tanisha because Ayaan was not alone.

Ayaan comes home. Savita asks him to listen. Sumitra asks what happened. Tanisha comes. Savita asks what happened to him. Sumitra asks where Sid is. Tanisha says he didn’t come. Tanisha says we met Faltu today. Savita asks where. Ayaan gets angry and remembers Faltu’s words. He breaks the mirror and screams. He says you have lied to me.

He asks why do you do this with me, why. Faltu thinks of him. She gets her finger pricked by the needle. Savita and Sumitra talk to Tanisha. Faltu gets worried. She doesn’t know how she’ll share dad’s burden, or what work she’s going to do. Charan talks on the phone. He says I’ll get a job today. He sees Faltu in pain. She says, “I’m fine, who called me?”. He waits for Pratap.

Savita tells Tanisha to trust Ayaan, he will never hide anything from them. Tanisha explains she didn’t understand why Faltu spoke to us rudely, she didn’t apply sindoor. I don’t know how Ayaan would feel. Faltu should leave Ayaan’s life, right Savita? Sumitra got Madhu Mausi, she said Faltu wanted to work. I got Madhu home, she said she needed help packing papads.

It’s work from home, it’ll pay rent. He says I’m here to take care of you. Madhu warns her papads shouldn’t break. Charan asks why you agreed to this work. Faltu says it’s good to pay rent. The woman says I’m here for you, take the doctor’s appointment. Ayaan calls and asks about Pratap. The man says they live in Sadanand Chawl. Ayaan says fine, his sister lives with him, and she is blind. Upon seeing Savita, the man agrees. He asks why do you want to know, is there a problem, theft or something? Ayaan says no, just send me the details.

Savita explains to Faltu. She asks why you are after him. Madhu explains the work to Faltu. She asks can’t you see the machine is hot, your hand is going to burn. Savita says it will be a big problem, forget Faltu if she doesn’t want any relationship with you. Ayaan says I don’t care for Faltu any more, I have to find the truth otherwise I can’t sleep.


A fire surrounds Faltu. She calls for help.

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