Faltu 27th December 2022 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

The Episode begins with Faltu fooling Pappi. Pappi gets angry on his friend. Faltu asks Pappi to come and talk to her. Pappi asks how did you agree to marry. Faltu sings for him. I know you were desperate for me, I know we’re meant to be together, come with me, let’s talk.

Savita thanks Tanisha. Sumitra says Ayaan has gone to save Faltu and fight with Pappi. Ayaan is on his way. He talks to his aide. Kanika asks Tanisha why didn’t you stop Ayaan. Tanisha says I don’t want Ayaan to regret anything. Tanisha thanks Savita.

Suddenly, the guests started talking nonsense about them, and she asked Bua to go attend them. Govind said never talk good about anyone. She said I just said the truth, but the problem is, Ayaan has gone to meet Faltu, so Tanisha will be left alone in the mandap if he does not return. Faltu and Pappi talk in the room. She says I’m scared and if Ayaan and Tanisha’s marriage breaks, then… Janardhan asks her to stop it. Janardhan and Tanisha stay positive. Sumitra says I’m with you.

Pappi says we can talk after marriage, we will marry first. Faltu says okay, don’t talk to me. She fools him and asks him to shut his eyes. He asks why. It’s fine, we’ll get married. She says wait, I’ll say it. He says okay, meet my eyes and say it. He sings.

Ayaan comes to the place and asks where Faltu is. The man says they’re in the room. Faltu ties up Pappi at gunpoint. He says leave me. She scolds him. Charan and family worry about Faltu. Pappi shouts to call his goons. She shuts his mouth. She says I will ask Ayaan not to come. She takes his phone. She thinks to run away first.

Charan asks Pratap to call Suhana. He says Ayaan said he would protect Faltu. Suhana answers the phone and asks what happened.

In answer to Charan’s question about Faltu and Ayaan, Suhana says he isn’t at home. He asks what do you mean, I want to talk to him. Savita puts the phone on speaker. Charan asks how Pappi can make Faltu marry him forcibly.

Savita says that Ayaan left his marriage and went to save Faltu, and that there is a lot of drama happening around Faltu, that his marriage is about to break up, and what should he do. Charan asks who are you. She says I am Ayaan’s mother.

She says think 100 times before saying anything to my son. Charan says we made a mistake by doubting Ayaan, who left his marriage to find Faltu. Lajwanti says it means Pappi really kidnapped Faltu.

Faltu asks the goons to get lost. Pappi shouts catch her. Jamuna prays for Faltu. Ayaan sees Faltu holding Pappi at gunpoint. He says it’s Faltu. Pappi says just catch her. He argues with Faltu. He says you’re getting married to me today. She worries.


Faltu faints when Ayaan takes him. He gets hurt on his head. He asks Faltu to go.

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