Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th April 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th April 2023, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhimanyu saying I will do your operation and you won’t know it, you’ll get fine, tell them you’re going home tomorrow, surgery won’t take place until two weeks, and arrangements will be done at home, so get ready to say tata to this hospital. Akshara and Abhinav are asked to stay with Abhir.

Abhinav says I told the same, your Mumma… Akshara says I have no problem if the doctor is sure, we’ll go home tomorrow. Abhir thanks Abhimanyu and hugs him. Aarohi shouts Poppy is very bad, I will scold him, let him come. Do not get angry, doctors have a difficult life and the patient’s health is paramount. Aarohi hugs her. She says I’m fine, when I get busy in surgery, Poppy also waits, so forgive him. Roohi asks if she’s feeling sad. Aarohi says no, promise. Surekha’s words come back to her.

Roohi eats the cake. Abhir asks what’s the date today. Abhimanyu remembers Manjari’s words. He says sorry, I need to go. Abhinav says eat and go. Akshara says no, let him go. Abhimanyu says we’ll meet tomorrow. Abhair says Roohi will be waiting. Abhimanyu leaves. Abhinav says we could have asked him to have food. Akshara says it is Aarohi’s birthday. Abhinav says I forgot. Abhimanyu comes home. Manjiri is angry. She says you were Abhir’s doc man, who would explain Aarohi now? He says I’ll talk to her before I miss out. He goes. She says I’m troubled by the problems between us.

Aarohi says my hand cream got finished, no other cream suits me, what should I do? Abhimanyu arrives and gifts her a hand cream. He says Roohi has slept, I got late, I went to a cake shop, I bought a candle. She asks how you knew this got over. As a doctor, I thought we needed hand cream, so I got this. Then he said, “Make a wish.” She blew out the candle and wished. He sang the birthday song as she smiled.

Now he says imp thing, I’m sorry. I understand we’re not kids, we’re parents. Accept my apology. I told you we’d go out, you were ready, and I didn’t come. I’m sure you explained that Roohi might be upset, I promised you I would respect you, and I told you I would show it in my actions, but I failed. I won’t lie, I was at the hospital, Junior’s parents were going to tell him about his heart condition, so I stayed there.

We won’t call it a date, we’ll go to a good place and have good food, so don’t remember that she says. He says he wants another chance. He says thanks, sorry and happy birthday. She says you asked for another chance, how can I refuse? I’ll give you a chance, thanks, and it’s okay, thanks. Then he kisses Roohi and leaves.

It is morning, and Aarohi applies hand cream. Manish asks for balloons. Muskaan says sorry, only a few balloons remain. He asks for the banner. Suvarna says it is ready. He asks for gifts. Kairav says it’s gifts. Manish asks for ladoo. Dadi says it takes time. Abhir will arrive after many days. He asks them not to cry.

Muskaan says Abhir knows me, he is afraid of dangerous people in Udaipur. Kairav asks Muskaan not to cry. Abhir says the doctor didn’t come. Akshara says he will come. Abhimanyu asks what, heart problem in an unborn baby. Aarohi says it’s a twin baby’s case. Mahima says we are afraid the other baby will not survive either. Aarohi asks what you think.

Seeing Akshara, Abhimanyu recalls the past and goes out. He tears up thinking of Akshara. The nurse gives discharge papers. Akshara says Abhimanyu didn’t show. The nurse says he is busy with a twin babies case and does not know if they will be saved. After recalling her past, Akshara goes outside. She sees Abhimanyu crying. Abhimanyu turns and sees her. Abhinav comes. Akshara goes to Abhir. Abhimanyu wipes his tears and leaves.

Dr Sandeep, when did you come? Abhimanyu says good. Aarohi says I called him, we need him. Sandeep says I’m in Udaipur for a while, the family is also here for Gangaur. Abhimanyu thanks him.

Mahima enquires what we should do as we had not come across such a situation before. Sandeep declares that he had encountered something of the sort six years prior, and proposes that a C-section should be performed. Akshara affectingly names him ‘miracle baby’ whilst brushing Abhir’s hair. Sandeep recalls how it was a tumultuous night his mother had already lost one child in an accident but then came to know that another one had survived and they managed to get to the hospital with difficulty – dubbing him their miracle baby. He continues on to say the case was intricate, yet the real miracle was the father; he has never seen someone like him. The newborn sought its mother’s embrace, sadly, she was still unconscious so instead it got 72 hours of warm embraces from its dad until he remembered everything else but his baby.

Abhinav makes Abhir wear socks. Abhir says we’re going home. Abhimanyu asks the patient’s case. Sandeep says Sharma, but it was a sweet name. I’ll tell you about it when I recall it. I can’t forget those three. Akshara and Abhinav bring Abhir home. When Abhir sees the darkness, he asks his buddy if he hasn’t paid the electricity bill. The lights are turned on.

A lovely surprise awaits them. Abhir smiles as he sees the decorations. Dadi asks if you like it; we’ll decorate the house everyday and party. He asks really. He sees the gifts. Akshara says they’re spoiling him. Manish and Kairav arrive. They dance to the Twist song. Akshara, Abhinav and Abhir smile. The fort is made by Roohi, Abhimanyu and Aarohi.

Abhimanyu remembers Sandeep’s words and gets up. The model falls. Abhinav and Akshara also dance with Abhir. They all hug and smile. Roohi says my school project should be the best. Manjiri wards off the bad sight. Roohi says all the pillars should be twins.

The festival of Gangaur is tomorrow, and I want Akshara and Aarohi to celebrate together. Manjiri says I will think about it and let you know. Abhimanyu says fine, we’ll go. Manjiri says I don’t want you both to go there.

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