Teri Meri Doriyaan 12th March 2023 Written Update


Sahiba refuses to eat. Angad says she wants him to prove his right over her and now she will see that. Bebe stops Angad and warns him to stop being inhuman.

Despite her family’s mistakes, Sahiba would have given him a befitting reply had their mistakes not shackled her feet. She returns to the store room and cries, recalling Ajith’s advice not to change for anyone.

The song O Ri Chiraiya plays in the background as she falls asleep. She thinks that once her family situation improves, she can give Angad a befitting reply.

In the morning, Sahiba opens the door and hears a door knock. Gurleen and Veer ask if they can come in. Sahiba says yes. She tells her she came to invite her to attend a Kanak deni ritual, in which husbands give their wives gold, jaggery, etc., and promise to always respect and support their wives.

Sahiba thinks Angad who humiliated her will always take oaths for her. After knowing her and Angad’s equation, she asks Gurleen if she wants her to perform this ritual. Gurleen says she should respect Darji’s wish. Sahiba agrees. When Sahiba reaches the living room, she tries to touch Bebe’s feet. However, she is stopped by Bebe.

Angad insults Sahiba by saying she is back to her low standards and looks different from her wedding day. Prabjot and Manveer insult Sahiba next and say it will take her a long time to meet their standards, but she will get good clothes and jewellery from Angad today so she will look good.

Bebe asks Angad to perform kanak deni ritual. Angad asks where is his wife. Gurleen says Sahiba is her husband. She should be given a tray with gifts as a kanak deni ritual.

Daarji enters and asks if anything happens in this house without drama. Hansraj asks Jasleen if she is enjoying a free show. Angad humiliates Sahiba.

Santosh prepares food for Sahiba and says she will get it to her. Ajith notices someone helping with cooking and asks who boiled the chole. Keerat says she did and offers him tea. She says she can’t be as helpful as Sahiba, but she will do her best.

Gurleen asks Angad to give Sahiba gifts along with oaths to protect and respect her for the rest of her life at Brar mansion after Ajith says Sahiba will not meet her after she ruined her life. In return for humiliating Sahiba and giving her pain for the rest of her life, Angad promises to give her money and clothes as charity.

Sahiba refuses to accept his charity and says she is working since childhood and knows how to fulfil her and her family’s needs. She continues to respond in a befitting manner.

Santosh says she realized her value after losing Sahiba. Angad humiliates her and orders security to kick her out. Sahiba warns him not to misbehave with her family.

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