Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Shefali talking to Manjiri. She said Akshara and Abhimanyu did not move on all these years, have a son, why can’t they become a family? Aarohi looks shocked. Abhimanyu thinks of Akshara’s words and jogs. His foot twists and he is about to fall. Akshara comes in front and forwards hand. He sees her. Love is deep and makes one stumble and fall. I couldn’t get up and I didn’t know you could not either.

She thinks I did a mistake, I should have got up, I’m ready to move on with Abhinav. Abhir says he had a bad dream last night. He shares it. Abhinav jokes about octopi. He says you’re brave. Akshara smiles. She wards off their bad vision. Everyone comes. Kairav asks if you have thought of the future, Manjiri will fight and won’t agree easily.

Abhir says you’re talking about me. Akshara says Rohan didn’t show up yet, so have the prasad. Abhir sees Abhimanyu and asks how you are doing today. Abhimanyu says yes, I will do your tests. He hugs Abhir and asks how you did. He asks if you had a good night’s sleep. Abhir says I have to go to the bathroom. Akshara says Rohan is coming. Abhimanyu says yes, I thought I could also take part in the tests, so I could spend time with my son. I want to sign the consent form.

Akshara gives Manjiri the form. He says you are here… She says I have come for my grandson’s tests, and you require a signature from a family member, so Abhir’s Dadi may also sign it. Manjiri signs the form. Akshara cuts Manjiri’s signature. She signs it. She says you didn’t listen to it well, so I’m repeating it, if life asks me hundred times, I’ll choose Abhinav as my husband, and if anyone has a right to Abhir, then it’s just Abhinav.

Announcing her intentions in court, Manjiri declares, “I will establish him as Abhir Birla, the heir of the Birla family.” All eyes are fixed on the scene, while Akshara and Abhinav maintain a tense posture. Manish remarks that Manjiri should not have disclosed her plans regarding the court. Kairav asserts that she has launched an attack on them, and they are determined to defend themselves by securing the services of a top-tier lawyer. Heated arguments ensue.

Everyone discusses the matter. Kairav says Abhir won’t leave Akshara. Surekha says Manjiri is emotional, so what will happen if anything happens? Muskaan says we will speak to Abhimanyu and find a solution. There’s anger in Kairav’s voice. Manish and Dadi ask him to stop. Manjiri cries and prays. She says Abhir is her grandson, she can’t live without him.

She takes the book from Abhinav and says I should study child custody. They are taking Abhir. Akshara checks some law books for custody rules. He says calm down, you were making jam for the first time, you took a large vessel, it looked bigger than you, and you said the problem would become big if we made it large, we would always be together.

Abhir can’t figure out what custody means, but Kairav is talking about it and Abhinav explains that it’s like a mini surgery. Abhir fervently wishes the process could be over quickly. Akshara won’t accept defeat in her quest to secure her son, she determines to ask Abhimanyu and Manjiri for help. Abhimanyu hears his wife’s plea and comes to her side, angst visible on his face. He had kept quiet about the truth he knew; he wanted so badly to tell everyone, but couldn’t find the courage. With his child’s surgery also looming, he was fearful of how a custody case might play out and how Abhir might suffer when his parents get depreciated.

Abhir approaches Suvarna, expressing, “I have no appetite.” Roohi remains silent, her anger still palpable. Manish intervenes, doubting the effectiveness of Abhir’s approach. Abhir implores, “Please take me to her, I wish to meet her.” Manish maintains that they are taking appropriate measures. Abhir persists, “Please.” Kairav chimes in, advising, “A good child refrains from bothering elders. You haven’t finished your homework, so go attend to that.” Abhir retorts, “I have no interest in eating anything. I won’t call for Abhir’s assistance if you don’t wish for it.”

Shefali says don’t talk to Roohi like that, talk to me, I’m here. Roohi says you’re bad, you don’t listen to me. Shefali goes. Shefali says don’t talk to Roohi like that, talk to me, I am there. Aarohi asks are you on my side, so you cheated me and forgot about me and Roohi, so you cheated me. Shefali tells her to listen. Abhimanyu says we are elders, we can request rights and identity, but kids only want love.

Manjiri says I didn’t talk about custody in front of Abhir, don’t you trust me, the fight is with Akshara and Abhinav, who kept Abhir away from us, and I will never be able to forgive them. All of us have made wrong choices and are suffering, but even kids will suffer if we make the wrong choice. No one will be able to separate me from Abhir, not even you, she says. My love for Abhir is very strong, and no one could separate me from him.


He says I will take legal action against you, you will face me now, I’ll see you in court. Abhimanyu and Akshara argue.


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