Anupama 15th May 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 15th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Anupama handed back the signed contract to Gurumaa Malti Devi, thanking her in the process. Gurumaa then told Anupama to start preparations for travelling to America and getting everyone’s passports ready. Both Anupama and Bharavi were delighted by this news as it meant that Anupama’s dream of visiting the country will be realized after many years. At another occasion, Samar and Dimpy rejoiced when the marriage was fixed for them, with Dimpy expressing her gratitude to Leela for arranging it. She even offered an apology for her wrongdoings and asked Leela to take part in the wedding cheerfully. However, Leela refused to accept Dimpy or show any kind of enthusiasm as she blamed Anuj and Anupama for not living up to their responsibilities; instead dumping all expenses onto the Shah family.

Nakul extends a warm welcome to Anupama joining the Gurukul family, handing her a booklet of terms and conditions and requesting that she sends her passport and visa documents to the administration. Bhairavi questions if GuruMaa is always angry, to which he responds that even he shared the same opinion on his first encounter, yet soon he discerned she had a heart of gold. Nakul shares how lucky he is for having stayed at Gurukul since childhood, prompting them to be present early tomorrow morning for the training session at 7 o’clock. Bhairavi guarantees they will arrive by 6:30 and GuruMaa watches them from the window.

Anupama came home with an exuberant call to her family members, Kanta and Bhavesh. When Kanta did the aarti of Anupama as is tradition, she said that she knew Anupama would have some good news for them. With great joy, Anupama informed them about signing a three-year contract with Guruma and she and Bhairavi would spend the next three years at the Gurukul in the USA where the institute also will take care of Bhairavi’s education. The two family members were filled with even more happiness hearing this news. Anupama asked if she took a haste decision or not but Kanta assured her that it was her whole life’s dream and so it was time to begin living out that dream.

Anupama asks how they will manage. Kanta says she can visit them periodically, and even they can visit her. Bhavesh says their dream of travelling by plane will be fulfilled. Leela calls Anupama and urges her to visit Shah house as soon as possible. Anupama asks if anything happened. Leela says it’s about her son’s wedding. Kanta asks what’s going on. To discuss Samar’s wedding, Anupama says she has to visit Shah house.

Anupama arrived at the Shah house. Leela, an elderly woman, informed her that her son’s marriage was due in a month’s time and requested her to take charge of the arrangements as she herself couldn’t do so. Vanraj assured her not to worry, conveying that they will manage the proceedings themselves. Samar and Dimpy blessed Anupama and inquired about her Gurukul visit, to which she replied by stating that she has been selected upon signing a 3-year contract. On hearing the news the whole family was overjoyed with happiness! Anupama added more surprise to their delight by telling them that she is taking off for America with Bhairavi for three years as something which she couldn’t make happen before. As the young ones cheered in joy, Vanraj and Leela exhibited sad expressions while Paakhi showered Anupama with a vegetable basket in jubilation. A song ‘Jugni Udi…’ played in the background, making Anupama feel shy.

Leela expresses her happiness for Anupama but advises her to focus on her son’s wedding since being a mother is critical for a son. Samar agrees but adds that fulfilling a mother’s aspirations is also essential. Leela, in turn, changes the tone and says that Vanraj and she had prohibited Anupama from going to America years back, now they will not stop her and will certainly not feel guilty again. All members of the family shower Anupama with reassuring words. Dimpy receives a message from Anuj and appears to be taken aback. Everyone inquires what happened; Samar answers that Dimpy had received a text from Anuj stating he was accompanying Maaya and Little Anu to the marriage ceremony.


Leela informs the family that guests will arrive for the pre-wedding pooja tonight. Anupama tells Kanta that even Anuj will attend. Anuj corrects Anupama’s sandals and looks at her deeply. Chupana Bhi Nahi Aata, Jatana Bhi Nahi Aata… song plays in the background.

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