Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th May 2023, Written Update on

Abhimanyu texts Manjiri. She calls and leaves the phone there. She says that it’s important to see if Abhinav can provide the child with a comfortable life and resources. Akshara’s lawyer says he is temperamental and will be a single father, so both parents will be able to raise him well here. The lady says he is the biological father, so you need to settle out of court, otherwise Abhinav will lose his respect. The man says we have all the answers.

The lady informs them that Abhinav and Akshara live frugally, as he does not have a job. Furthermore, they lack any form of revenue. Nonetheless, their son’s surgery in Abhimanyu’s hospital is provided for free. Kairav is of the opinion that considering his family background, Abhir will not accept anything less than what he deserves; to which the lady replies by declaring that she will reveal in court how Abhinav and Akshara are struggling financially. Kairav asks her to be within her limits; to this she retaliates with a warning that should Abhimanyu get custody of the child in court, it will be due to their financial circumstances. Manjiri notices Akshara and Abhinav while the conversation continues.

After hearing all this, Abhimanyu begins to cry. The lady says your client should have thought about this, why did they hide the child so long? Abhinav coughs. Akshara asks if he is fine. She gets water. The lady says we will end the matter here, and we’ll schedule another meeting. Akshara collides with Abhimanyu in the corridor. She scolds him. She says you showed our poverty and made fun of Abhinav’s self-esteem. She leaves.

As Abhimanyu asks, why did you target Abhinav’s financial status. Anand argues and asks him to step back. Manjiri asks if you think we did something wrong with them. He says I want my son, not their insult.

Akshara visited Ahinav in their home, asking if he was having a similar thought. He replied that it was true; his wages were too low and the job he had was not a great one, where he only earned when tourists arrived. He declared his deep love for her and said he would do anything to protect her, however felt incapable due to lack of money for her medical requirements, education and general upbringing. He perceived himself to be the greatest father in the world but realized that he had no degree or funds. She comforted him by saying that skills were able to be learned, qualifications could be obtained and money could be made.

Akshara informs him about their life. She notes that regardless of the struggles they faced in Mauritius, they still had each other for family’s happiness and peace and should trust themselves. Recalling her old home nostalgically, she reminisces on how she felt like a princess here but a queen in Mauritius. And although they may have many flaws, Akshara is confident that they can make their son a fine individual despite the court pointing out their weaknesses and the lawyer arguing against them being fit parents due to not having “abs.”

As miracle parents, we are blessed with Abhir. You didn’t have parents, you learned to survive, you taught me how to walk, I didn’t know anything, I never earned money or handled the kitchen, but I did it with you. I am extremely proud of you for having our own life. He rests his head on her shoulder and says, “You are right, we have our own life, we have moved on.”

She says if earning money was everything, many people would not have been happy, but we have many other things with us, and I want your support in this long fight. Thanks for always supporting me, he says. She says I knew it, two kids are better than one. They laugh. She says I’ll come. She checks her account balance.

The director of hospitality should be replaced as well, Kairav says. He says it will be hard to find someone who is hardworking and sincere to replace him. Dadi says you have the guy in front of you, Abhinav has all the qualities you’re looking for. Manish says yes, we’ll ask him once.

Abhinav thanked them for not forcing him to take their help and expressed that he must not cheat on the test offered for his son. Manish was stopped by Akshara, as Abhinav then assured of his capability in jobs he is suitable for. Dadi apologized if they inadvertently caused hurt to his self-esteem, but Abhinav explained his assurance through their love and care and asked only for their blessings.

She and Surekha are proud of Abhimanyu’s determination not to be swayed by Goenkas’ offer. Manish expresses his blessing to have him, as it is rare to find someone who puts their self-respect before money. Kairav advises him to manage on his own, wishing him the best. Abhimanyu returns home, thoughtful over the situation.


Nishta asks Abhimanyu to pay the cab driver. Abhimanyu goes to give him money. Abhinav asks for 1 rupee as shagun. Abhimanyu says I wish all your wishes come true, except the one about Abhir.

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