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The Episode begins with Abhira saying this will happen to me always; I can’t tolerate this. If it happens to my mum, they can kill my mum. I want to move to Delhi; how can you support Yuvraj? Akshara comes and asks whether you are okay. Abhira says yes, I got proof against Yuvraj. Akshara says Armaan, you here… Abhira taunts him. She says he made a mistake. He says the error would happen, but the truth proves that Yuvraj is involved. They see the blood test results.

To bless him, Akshara steps back and folds his hands. He apologizes for not being a good student, lawyer, or person. Jagrat asks why you sent the drone and letter to that girl. Armaan catches Yuvraj. He scolds him. Yuvraj smiles and says yes, I love Abhira, but Armaan beats him. Jagrat asks how dare you raise your hand on my son. He asks Yuvraj if he’s okay.

The lawyer says, Armaan, you can’t leave, Abhira is mine, I’m marrying her. Armaan says you won’t marry Abhira, won’t be able to escape this case, and I’m not your lawyer. Jagrat asks will you go against your family? Will you ruin your family name and hurt your father’s heart? Armaan leaves.

Dadi asks Kiara and Charu to come and help them. He teases everyone. Vidya tells Rohit to get ready. Rohit replies, “I’m already so handsome.” Dadi says, “Get ready. We’re getting a pretty bahu for you.” They all tease Rohit and laugh. Madhav arrives. Manoj and Rohit make Madhav sit. Madhav says it’s Rohit’s shagun, you didn’t ask, but I hope I’ll get invited. Manisha says, don’t feel bad.

Dadi asks Vidya if Mata Chunri has come. Vidya says yes. Dadi says the Goenkas will be coming, and I don’t ask but tell, Rohit’s first rasam, I don’t like bitter almonds and words. We could have got Ruhi’s marriage fixated with Armaan, right? Armaan says Akshara Mam taught us that truth is more significant than all relationships, so I’ll convince Dadi first but Ruhi first. He calls Ruhi. He says, “Unblock me, Ruhi.” Surekha says Ruhi looks pretty.

Manish reminds us that the journey is lengthy and that resisting the urge to give up can be difficult. He advises against taking the first step until our heart is in agreement. Nothing is more important to us than Ruhi’s happiness, so what’s the matter? Upon hearing this, Ruhi questions how she can find joy when she soon gets married and leaves her beloved family. With tears in her eyes, she embraces Manish, who assures her that everyone will continue to make her happy and show their love for her. Ruhi agrees to join them with a smile on her face. As they depart, she tearfully tells herself that Armaan does not deserve her tears and will no longer trust him. Instead, she puts her faith in her family, knowing they would never make a wrong decision for her.

The lights in the resort go out. Abhira gets Akshara’s call and says yes, they went out, I paid the bill, I’m going to check the power grid. Akshara says there is an inverter there. Yuvraj walks behind Abhira and stops. She stops. He is about to hold her. A goon points a gun at Akshara and follows her. When Abhira turns, she sees Akshara. Akshara says you can do it too. What are you doing here? Akshara says I came to check proof.

Abhira states, “Me too.” The lights flicker on, revealing the shattered pieces of the pen drive. Akshara inquires about the culprit and who had been present. Yuvraj… Abhira shares their one solid evidence against him and expresses concern for their court case tomorrow. Sanjay can’t fathom how Armaan could turn against them; not only did he withdraw from the case, but he also physically attacked Yuvraj. Dadi argues with Madhav, while Vidya speculates that there must have been a reason for Armaan’s actions. Sanjay stands firm that regardless of the cause, a lawyer should never harm their client. Vidya suggests speaking to Armaan, and Sanjay immediately calls him to confront him about his actions. Armaan defends himself in the argument that ensues.

It’s in our favor, Sanjay says. Why are you trying to lose this case? Armaan says I’ve done an investigation, Akshara and her daughter are right, they run a small resort, but stay happy, I spoke to Abhira. Dadi recalls Abhira. Armaan says truth also exists. Dadi ends the call. Armaan calls Sanjay. Vidya says, “Talk to him, Maasa.” Dadi asks if he has talked before making a decision. I will decide now. After the rasam, Sanjay will go there and fight Yuvraj’s case. Vidya sits with him once.

Dadi says we won’t talk about it. It’s Rohit’s big day, and I want to remember his alliance, not Armaan’s mistake. Armaan thinks Dadi got upset with me, so he gets the candy and recalls Dadi’s words. He says that he has let you down and that you will come to know that I supported Abhira correctly. The Goenkas arrive. Vidya welcomes them. Rohit greets them. Ruhi also greets Dadi and Vidya. Vidya compliments her. Sanjay says it’s Madhav, Rohit’s father. Vidya compliments her.

Despite our best efforts, we couldn’t meet you in Mussoorie. Madhav says good. He blesses Ruhi. Abhira knocks and asks Yuvraj’s driver to open the door for her. The driver asks her to leave. She explains to him and says I never had my dad, and I miss him, and your child will miss you, so please tell the truth. Abhira gets sad when he sees his wife and daughter. He opens the door. He says go away.


As Ruhi and Rohit’s roka is over, Ruhi thinks waiting for Armaan is unnecessary. Armaan says he came to take them to court safely. Abhira says no need, he can take us somewhere else.

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