Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 26th November 2023 Written Episode: Kunal’s Divorce and Tara’s Health Crisis!

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 26th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

As the Episode commences, Vandana responds to Simmi’s question before giving her a bit of a lecture. Kunal and Bobby observe the interaction with smiles on their faces. She addresses Simmi’s issue with her clothing by stating that it is not her concern as she is there to work diligently rather than show off through fashion. Her appearance is not what matters, but rather her intelligence. This causes Simmi to become agitated. Vandana reminds everyone to hold onto their language and values, impressing Kunal. She invites Simmi to join them in a meal and welcomes her to India. The group applauds for Vandana while Kunal continues to smile in approval.

After receiving a call, Kunal quickly agrees to meet someone and leaves for the meeting. Bobby asks if everything is correct, to which Kunal confirms and tells him to handle the meeting in his absence. Later, Kunal and Sonia meet with the judge who grants their divorce, officially ending their marriage. When Kunal returns home, he turns to alcohol to cope with his emotions and breaks down in tears. Meanwhile, Sonia celebrates her newfound freedom with Inder and admits she can’t bear the thought of Kunal moving on with someone else. Kunal expresses his love for Sonia and regrets the pain she caused him before Vandana interrupts, mentioning how she noticed Tara was not out with them and hopes that Kunal remembered her allergy list she had sent him amidst all that is going on in his life, as he tends to get angry when others intervene.

Someone looks on. Vijay says don’t go. Vandana says I’ve never felt this way about anyone. What do I do about Tara? Tara prays. Vijay says your love is for Tara. They enter the house. Simmi hugs Kunal in his room. He leaves. She hugs him and says I just learned about your divorce. I promise I won’t leave you alone, and I will never let you down. He pushes her and scolds her.

The man claims that I got divorced, but I’m still a single man. Simmi says be a man, how can you refuse me when you’ll cry all your life? He says a man like me can do this, but not every man is the same, so don’t judge, don’t be in front of me, and get out of my room. She leaves and says I’ll call him; he’s honest and never looks at anyone. Tara feels hungry. Simmi acts sweetly and thinks she’ll get some food for her.

She does not see an allergy list. She gives Tara a peanut butter sandwich. She eats it and feels unwell. Simmi talks to her friend on the phone and leaves. Tara falls. She thinks of going to Kunal. Kunal is unconscious. She tries to wake him. Vandana feels restless. After recalling Vandana’s words, Tara plays a song. She asks Kunal to get up. Vandana listens to the music.


After Tara calls Vandana, Vandana runs to see her. She sees Tara suffering, asks Kunal to wake up, and admits Tara to the hospital.

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