Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 15th November 2023 Written Episode: Kunal Saves Vandana from Vaibhav’s Trap

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 15th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bobby commends Kunal and Vandana for their exceptional presentation at the start of the episode. Grateful, Kunal attributes his success to Vandana, who humbly asserts that it was a team effort. As Kunal heads off for an event and Bobby departs, Vandana receives a call from Vaibhav. After confirming everything was fine, she bid them goodbye and left in an auto-rickshaw. Meanwhile, Kunal takes his car, and Vandana can’t help but remember Vaibhav’s words when her rickshaw comes to a stop. She then notices Vaibhav smiling right in front of her.

She accuses you of being cheap, causing a scene at home, and stopping me on the road. He claims to have proof that he’s done nothing wrong. He shows a video where you get cozy with him, calling you sly and saying you only want a divorce to be free and have fun with Kunal. She yells at him. He insists on calling others for their opinion. She pleads for him to stop. He puts on an act and starts crying, complaining about his wife’s behavior. He tries to shift the blame onto her, saying she’s cheating on him by being with Kunal Malhotra. Who is in the right here? Let me know! The bystanders reprimand Vandana.

Vaibhav smiles as Vandana starts crying and shouting. She grabs his collar, scolding and insisting she did not cheat him. Vaibhav dismisses the onlookers, asking them to go about their business. He expresses his frustration, feeling trapped in the situation. He then threatens Vandana, who warns him to stop his misconduct. However, he continues demanding her property, or else he will resort to extreme measures such as forcing her to change her identity and even defaming Kunal. Vaibhav pushes her away, but Kunal arrives just in time, catching her before she falls. As Vaibhav turns around and sees them together, he sarcastically applauds their “hero’s entry,” mocking their relationship and threatening to expose them publicly.

“Tell her to give up her share of the property and get a divorce so she can be with you. Kunal angrily grabs his collar, telling him not to spread rumors. Vaibhav warns they will both be blamed, but Kunal doesn’t care what people say. He grabs Vaibhav’s neck and pushes him into the car, scolding him as he remembers Sonia and Inder. Vandana watches in shock as Kunal declares their love and marriage have become a joke because of Vaibhav. He demands that Vaibhav leave them alone and let them live in peace. As Vaibhav struggles to break free, Kunal sees a truck approaching and quickly pulls him back to safety.”

Vaibhav gets up and says Kunal is mad. Kunal says to get out; otherwise, I don’t know what I will do. Vaibhav says I will not leave you both. He leaves. She asks what you are going to do. Kunal says sit in the car. She says no, I will take the auto. He says sit in the car, get your bag. She nods. She sits in the car.

“He mentions how you assisted me with securing the contract, and in turn, I helped you handle Vaibhav. When Inder and Sonia arrive at our home, his demeanor shifts to frustration as he expresses his disdain for the drama Kunal caused earlier. He blames Kunal’s PA, Vandana, for losing the contract and dislikes him greatly. Sonia counters by suggesting he did not put enough effort into securing the contract. This sparks an argument between them. He says that Kunal only won because of his close relationship with Vandana, and they always support each other. After noticing Kunal and Vandana exchange glances, Sonia contemplates their relationship. The song “Baatein kuch ankahee si…” cues in.”


Kunal scolds Vandana for making Tara meet Sonia. He asks her not to try to become Tara’s mother.

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