Suhaagan 21st October 2023 Written Episode Update: Bindiya’s Fast and Lawyer’s Arrival Stir Drama

Suhaagan 21st October 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the episode commences, Bindiya asks Krish about the state of the land beneath his feet. He assures her that she need not crawl on the ground. Just then, the Chirayya ladies arrive with Kalash pots on their heads for Kalash sthapana. Bindiya welcomes them and informs Baldev that she has requested their presence for this ritual. They enter, saying Jai Ambe Maa, and place their Kalash before the deity. Sakshi mentions another puja, to which Vikram suggests performing a keertan and simply bowing down before God. Indu turns to Krish and asks if he would prefer to opt out of the puja.

Krishna says he will perform the puja to gain all its benefits and blessings. They prepare for the puja and come to it. Bindiya explains that they will perform the sthapana/puja with water and sand from the Ganga, Gomti, and Kalyani rivers. She takes a pot and sows the grain in it, using the water and sand from the rivers. After doing the aarti, someone is traveling by car. Baldev says Ambe Maa ki Jai after Bindiya completes the puja.

Krish glances at his watch, prompting a reaction from Payal. Bindiya then proceeds to perform the aarti for everyone present. Payal and Krish join in, after which Bindiya expresses gratitude for the holy water and sand brought by the other women. They commend her pure devotion, believing it will bring them blessings from Ambe Maa. Bindiya explains that she is performing the ritual to protect against evil and gazes at Payal with determination. As Krish approaches Payal, Bindiya confidently predicts success in their upcoming endeavors. Payal worries about Bindiya’s future in the household while Krish continues to check his watch. Responding to her question, he assures her that their fortune will soon improve before they are interrupted by the arrival of their lawyer.

Baldev inquires about the identity of the person standing beside Krishna. Krishna clarifies that the individual has come to meet him, not Baldev. He then warmly greets the lawyer, Mr. Chopra, expressing his readiness for their meeting. Mr. Chopra assures him he arrived on time, and Krishna appreciates this. He inquires if Mr. Chopra faced difficulties getting there, to which he responds negatively. Krishna expresses optimism for a successful outcome for their meeting, which Mr. Chopra echoes by stating that this would be his 100th case victory. Mr. Chopra offers sweets to celebrate, and Krishna introduces him as his divorce lawyer, Rajesh Chopra. Payal observes Krish’s clever scheme and feels proud of him for it.

Krish affirms that they will have it since Mr. Chopraa has brought it and suggests beginning with Ms. Suhaagan. He urges Bindiya to try the sweets and questions why she wouldn’t celebrate her husband’s triumph, wondering what kind of suhaagan she is. Krish then asks Bindiya if she is concerned about his success and encourages her to enjoy the sweets. However, Bindiya declines, stating that she is currently fasting. Krish remarks on her ongoing fast and jokes that Ambe Maa will listen to him over Bindiya. He proceeds to share the sweets with Payal, who smiles at Bindiya.

Seeing Bindiya, Mr. Chopra says this is her 100th prey, and she seems weak. He says only one hearing is sufficient for her, but I will charge fees for four hearings. He says I will pay you the fees you ask me, and he asks him to help him get rid of this trouble. Mr. Chopra says you’ll get mukti. Bindiya approaches him. He asks him not to fold her hands and says he’s chosen Krish.

Mr. Chopra gets angry and goes to Krish. Bindiya offers him water, saying you have been speaking for a long time, so your throat might be dry, so take some water. He tells Krish that he wants to discuss the legal issues with him and his family; at that time, Bindiya will not be here. Krish asks Bindiya to leave from there. She leaves from there.

Krish invites Chopra to have a seat and inquires if there is any land or property under Krish’s name. He explains that he wants to protect himself from potential financial demands by the girl for alimony or compensation. Baldev assures him that Bindiya is not the type to make such demands and leaves. Krish then asks who Baldev was referring to and offers to provide more details. Payal believes that her luck will change on the 9th day. Krish shares all the information with Chopra before he departs. Payal turns to Krish and wonders if he has any belongings in his name. Krish reassures her that Bindiya is not materialistic; she wants him. Payal realizes that Krish understands Bindiya very well and knows how to manipulate him.


Payal is forced to tear the property papers when Krish tells her that she is not interested in his wealth.

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