Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 12th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Naren Faces Family Tensions and Tough Decisions

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 12th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Naren apologizes to Kirti, assuring her that he never intended to offend her in front of everyone. However, he wonders if they should refer to themselves as roses only when they can produce their fragrance. Kirti questions if it is necessary to put in so much effort, to which Naren responds by saying it is only for today. Kirti then states she is not interested in doing it, and Naren agrees, explaining that changing one’s name does not automatically make them someone else. It takes a significant portion of their life, just like merely changing a name cannot turn someone into Hemraj overnight.

Naren acknowledges that Sujan understands his desire to marry Nandini is not based on her name but rather on her qualities. He apologizes to Sujan and clarifies that Kirti does not need to change her name. Still, Sujan must promise to ensure Kirti embodies the same traits as Nandini in her actions and behavior. Once this is done, Naren will happily agree to marry her. Turning to Seth Hemraj Ratansi, Sujan admits he made a mistake by disrespecting him. He then announces his departure, declaring that everyone will know about Hemraj’s promise this time. He invites Kirti and Kavita to join him as they leave.

Naren halts Sujan and approaches him, carrying an empty bowl. From it, Sujan retrieves the necklace and passes it to Kirti. With a furious glance at Hemraj, who is also staring back at Naren, he tries to leave but is held back by Hemraj. The latter reminds Naren that his name represents fifty years of hard work and struggles, which Naren has now ruined in a single moment. Hemraj considers this a lack of respect towards him. However, Naren argues that Hemraj disrespected Nandini by giving Kirti her name. He questions how Bau jee could even consider such an action and becomes angry as Hemraj is also his father. Apologizing and holding his hands, he explains that he would not tolerate any disrespect towards the girl he loves and asks for forgiveness from his father. Naren then exits while Hemraj slowly makes his way to stand in front of the cake. In anger, he turns over the table causing the cake to fall, causing concern among everyone present.

Naren sits on his bed, visibly worried. Heta joins him in the room and remarks on his wife’s beauty, Nandini. She then adds that Nandini’s simplicity and teachings are a true treasure for women. Naren responds by saying that these qualities can also be found in books. Heta agrees but mentions that seeing Nandini has given her hope, as she believes there is still someone who can bring these qualities to life. He has proven this through his behavior. Naren brings up how much Nandini has been insulted, to which Heta responds by acknowledging the challenges that arise when two people are in love.

Chanchal questions the nature of the test, as he belittles Nandini in front of everyone for admitting that she is not their social equal. He reminds Hemraj that Naren is no longer a child who can be frightened by being locked up. Hemraj acknowledges that Chanchal’s actions were his last resort and that he could have stopped Naren but chose not to. Chanchal then points out that despite this, Hemraj still revealed Nandini’s name and mocked her. Hemraj asks what harm Naren has caused him, as his words no longer hold weight in front of Sujan, and now this situation will spread throughout society.

The words of Hemraj will no longer hold any importance in society, so Jigar tells Dhawal he will throw Naren out of the business now. It is very accurate that Hemraj says one thing that is very true of himself: his thinking starts from where they stop, and one cannot snatch the rights given to their children from them. Dhawal asks Jigar not to think like this.

Naren expresses confusion over the significance of these rights, questioning how long he must continue living in this manner. He calmly informed his father that he could not marry Kirti, as she was only eighteen and immature. However, his father’s focus on their business partnership prevents him from understanding. Heta reassures Naren that everything has happened according to his wishes. Naren explains that his father has never known him and expresses respect for him but urges him to understand that consequences will arise. Heta adds that they will also observe his actions, which may cause complications.

For fear of the challenges, Hemraj tells Chanchal not to do anything. However, Chanchal asks him if he would happily force his son to accept defeat. Hemraj says Naren was right in saying that he had built respect in fifty years, but things would work out according to his wishes. Her suggestion is for him to talk with Naren, but Hemraj replies that he has already said he would not do anything personally but in front of everyone.

Samta’s son is with her children when he says that Hemraj tried to impose his decisions on Naren but also refused to accept them. The daughter says they all know the actual reason behind it, so it’s good that Naren Bhai started the war. Even if there are differences, Samta replies that if everyone stays together, there is a chance of ending the differences. Thus, such conversations should not be raised.

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