Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th January 2023 Written Update

Pakhi’s heart breaks when she sees Virat hugging Sai behind her. Mohit wakes up and asks what she’s looking at. He says nothing as he hurriedly leaves. If he had stopped her that day, he, Sai, Vinu, and Savi would have been a happy family together. He says she suffered a lot because of him.

In apology, Sai apologizes to him for dragging him into her issues when he was happy with his wife and son. She separates from him, saying they shouldn’t continue this issue. Virat imagines Sai leaving his house while Sai leaves the cafe. The serial’s title track plays in the background. Virat wishes he could tell her the truth.

In the background, Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi Shikwa To Nahi.. song plays as Virat remembers Sai’s emotional breakdown. After years of complaints, he feels as if they have evaporated in tears, and they are back where they were before. He longs to hear Sai’s voice and see her face, and he hopes he can hold her hand again. In his bed, he looks at Pakhi who is sadly recalling him hugging Sai in the cafeteria. Virat thinks if he doesn’t tell Sai that Vinu is her biological son, it will resolve a mother’s pain.

Virat notices Pakhi missing and finds her sleeping with Vinu. Pakhi continues to cry as she recalls Virat ignoring her and getting closer to Sai. As soon as Ashwini serves breakfast to the family, she tells Shivani that she prepared all of Shivani’s favourite dishes. Shivani happily thanks, Ashwini. Virat asks Vinu to ask Sai for help with his school project. Then Mohit takes Vinu to school. Pakhi suggests Virat visit Sai’s house. Virat says he has important work to do.

Her blood was on his hand the other day, and he ignores her because she is infertile and goes to Sai instead of hugging her openly. She knows he meets Sai secretly often. Virat says she is misunderstanding and doesn’t know the complete truth. Pakhi asks him to explain. As a result of Karishma’s extramarital affair, Shivani becoming pregnant at this age, and now Virat’s affair with Sai, Bhavani screams that they are all trying to hinder her political career.

Virat says he knows what he is doing and that he has no wrong intentions. He leaves. Pakhi cries that nobody values her and that she doesn’t even know why she’s alive. Usha offers Sai breakfast. Sai declines, saying she is not hungry. She finds Bhavani outside and asks what she is doing.

Bhavani yells about why she wants to ruin Chavan’s family, accuses her of brainwashing Karishma to leave Mohit and take Virat from Pakhi, and shouts about what kind of woman she is to want to destroy another woman’s house and steal someone’s husband. Sai asks who gave her the right to create a drama in front of her house; now she will speak and Bhavani will listen. Bhavani says she did not brainwash her.

Karishma doesn’t know when she left Chavan Nivas, she left Chavan Nivas years ago because one of them supported her; Virat’s issue is none of her business, and she can’t come and create drama in front of someone’s house if she can’t handle her own house. A person reaps what she sows, so her house environment must be filled with sadness and frustration just like her character. She should never create drama in front of her house again.

She is Bhavani Chavan and can oust her from the city if necessary, but she does not know the extent of her powers if she tries to play with her family. Bhavani tells Sai she will show her place and make her face the consequences. Sai reaches her hospital and considers calling Virat to inform him of Bhavani’s drama.

Apparently, Jagtap has gotten the details of Vikrant Adolse, a fraud who manages a politician’s gym and has an affair with Karishma. Jagtap says he is a fifth fail and speaks unfiltered, so he is sending her Karishma’s address. Sai wonders why Karishma left Chavan Nivas.

He is busy with his team when Sai calls him, but she isn’t related to his family or its members and doesn’t want to cause any problems; she called him to give him some information, so he can decide what to do with it.

Precap: As Sai sees Virat laughing with Vinu, she knows Virat is hiding her son’s truth. She doesn’t know where her son is, but she knows he is alive and will find him soon as she will get his information from Virat.

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