Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai hosts a dinner for her colleagues and encourages them to enjoy the food without any excuses. She serves puran poli to Amba, knowing that Satya had mentioned her love for it. Satya takes the initiative to serve food to Sai and also feeds Saavi. Expressing her thoughts, Sheetal comments on how lucky Sai is to have Satya as her life partner, while Rani notes their good chemistry with Sai’s children. However, Amba points out that although Sai has a great husband, her son did not get a good wife. As Vinu’s birthday approaches, Virat drinks sorrowfully, remembering Sai and Satya’s closeness while the song “Jane Woh Kaise Log The Jinko Pyar Pe Pyar Mila” plays in the background. He recalls how Vinu saw Sai as his mother until Pahi returned. Meanwhile, Sai smiles as she lies on her bed thinking about Vinu’s request, and Satya also smiles seeing his wife resting on the couch. Despite Virat’s drinking and mourning, Sai eventually falls asleep peacefully.

The following morning, Sai serves breakfast to Saavi. Vinu video calls Sai to greet her with a good morning, but she asks him to say “aayi” again as she was eagerly waiting to hear it. He then inquires about Saavi’s whereabouts and Sai shows her to him. Vinu asks if Saavi still eats from her mother’s hands, and she confirms. Sai promises to send him tiffin and dry fruits. Just then, Virat walks in and informs Vinu that he is running late for school. Satya fixes Sai’s hair at that moment, causing Virat to feel envious. Grateful for Satya’s help, Saavi thanks her while Sai reminds her not to do it again. Amba joins them and requests Satya to return home soon as Sai has planned a vat savitri fast for her tomorrow. Savitri and Alka also decide to fast along with Sai. Meanwhile, Amba ponders who will fast for Virat this time and he expresses his despair over the recent events in his life – such as Sai marrying Satya, Paakhi leaving him, and Vinu adopting Sai – declaring that he no longer wants to live. Bhavani warns him

Arriving at the office with Sai, Satya reveals that she doesn’t have to comply with Amba’s request to fast, and can simply put on an act for her. However, Sai explains that she will still fast out of respect for their culture. Sheetal then assures Satya that Sai will indeed fast for him. Despite this, Satya wonders if Sai truly loves him or not. The situation takes a serious turn when Rani informs them that a senior police officer has been shot and is being brought to the hospital. With little time to spare, Sai quickly directs the commissioner’s daughter Siya and wife towards the operating theater. The commissioner’s wife explains that her husband was attacked. Upon arrival at the hospital, Virat inquires about the commissioner’s condition but is told he has been taken into surgery. As they prepare for the operation, Satya requests Dr. Survase be brought in for his expertise during the procedure. Meanwhile, in the OT room, Siya follows Satya’s instructions and keeps her hand on her father’s chest to prevent further bleeding. With tears in her eyes, she describes what had transpired leading up to this moment.

As Virat walks up to the wife of the commissioner, he asks what happened to him. She describes how someone shot a rocket at the commissioner and it penetrated his chest. Virat asks the wife if she saw the rocket blasting. Wife says no. Virat says that means the rocket hasn’t exploded yet. Sai instructs Siya to slowly remove the hand from the commissioner’s chest. Virat rushes in and asks Siya not to remove her hand from the chest and asks what she feels under her hand. Siya responds that it is metal.

Virat urgently instructs Sai, Satya, and Survase to stay with him as he shares crucial information. He alerts them that the commissioner is in danger from a rocket and emphasizes the importance of Siya not releasing her grip from his chest. Dr Survase adds that the hospital is currently occupied with patients and employees. Virat assures them that no one will be harmed but insists on evacuating the hospital immediately. He specifically asks Satya to take an x-ray of the commissioner in the operating room without Siya ever loosening her hold.

Sai looks shocked when a man enters OT to detonate a live rocket. Virat calls neighbouring hospital for an emergency and asks Kadam to send a bomb squad.

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