Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Virat explains to Vinu that he was unable to locate his mother, expressing remorse. However, Vinu accuses him of breaking a promise and being deceptive. Distraught, he refuses to participate in cutting the cake and rushes out in tears. At Satya’s place, their colleagues grow impatient waiting for them and inquire about their whereabouts. Despite Amba’s attempts to reach Satya through a phone call, she is unsuccessful. Gowri questions why Amba allowed Sai to accompany Satya. In response, Amba explains that there is only one option left now. Saavi tries to console Vinu without success as he angrily shouts that he hates his father. Sai steps in and reassures him that his father loves him dearly and did everything possible to find his mother. She proposes a solution for bringing back his mother if he trusts her. Evidently upset, the Chavan family discusses how difficult it will be to calm Vinu down now. Suddenly, the doorbell rings and Bhavani answers it only to find Amba standing there. She asks why Amba is there and she enters while calling out for Satya. Satya appears and questions her presence there. To which Amba replies that she came to take him

Sai convinces Vinu to cut the cake and suggests they head downstairs. Bhavani begins to berate Amba, harshly commenting on her uninvited visit and the supposed damage she has caused to their home. Satya quickly steps in, reminding Bhavani to treat his mother with respect. Virat adds that perhaps it is Bhavani who needs a lesson in manners. This sparks an argument between them. Sai intervenes, instructing them to cease their bickering. She rebukes Bhavani for insulting Amba and praises her for single-handedly building a successful business and supporting underprivileged women. She also commends Amba’s morals for raising a good son like Satya. Finally, Sai warns Bhavani not to dare insult her beloved mother-in-law again.

Saavi walks down with Vinu and announces that he is ready to cut the cake. Amba then asks Satya to return home as soon as the drama ends. Vinu has a special request for Sai – he asks her to become his adopted mother until Paakhi returns, just like Saavi made Virat his adopted father. Showing her a collage and some documents, Vinu asks Sai to sign them. Bhavai inquires who came up with this idea, and Saavi proudly takes credit for it, reminiscing about the incident. With emotion in her voice, Sai agrees to Vinu’s request and signs the document. The group is overjoyed as Vinu gets to cut the cake with Sai, Virat, and himself.

Vinu talks to Sai over a video call before leaving for school. Virat gets jealous watching Satya correct Sai’s hair.

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