Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya informs Sai of his plan to perform a deep incision on Commissioner Sir’s chest in order to remove the ammunition. He then suggests starting the surgery right after extracting the rocket, in hopes of saving their patient. However, Dr. Survase enters and halts their efforts, urging them to leave the premises immediately as they cannot proceed with the surgery there. Despite Satya’s concerns for Commissioner Sir’s and Sai’s safety, Dr. Survase explains that performing the procedure in this hospital would put everyone at risk. He further emphasizes that with the hospital’s oxygen pipeline located directly below the operating theatre, any malfunction or explosion from the rocket could cause catastrophic damage. Agreeing with Dr. Survase, Virat and Satya assist in transferring commissioner sir onto a stretcher. Unfortunately, Virat slips and falls during their haste. Seeing Sai’s reaction, he reassures her that he is unharmed and encourages her to continue moving forward. Satya also offers his assurance to Sai.

During his surgery, Satya’s hand trembles and he wonders why it’s happening for the first time ever. His heart whispers that his feelings for Sai are the reason behind it, urging him to confess his love before it’s too late. With determination, Satya begins to speak to Sai, but Virat interjects and suggests they focus on their mission first. Sai agrees, mentioning that time is running out. Fond memories of her children and Virat cross her mind as she works alongside Satya to remove the rocket. As she hands the rocket over to Virat, she reminds him that their children are waiting for them. Without a word, Virat takes the rocket and goes off. Before Sai can say anything, Satya expresses his desire to talk to her but she cuts him off saying they can talk later and walks away.

Virat instructs Shinde to take the explosive device to a nearby ground and detonate it. He then quietly exits the room, placing the rocket in a box. As they witness the successful mission, Shinde praises Virat. Suddenly, a bomb goes off and Sai cries out Virat’s name in shock. Satya overhears and asks Survase to take charge while he rushes outside. Sai runs to Virat’s side and begs him to wake up while Satya looks on with disappointment. Despite their emotional connection, they both tend to Virat’s injuries. After some time, Satya observes Sai holding onto Virat’s hand and questions her if she still loves him. Confused, Sai asks why he is asking such a thing. Satya explains that he noticed the fear in her eyes when Virat was injured, which can only come from a deep love for someone. He wonders if Sai still has those feelings for Virat and if she trusts him enough to share her true emotions. In response, Sai admits that she is unsure about her love for Virat but she does care for him deeply as the father of her children. She expresses concern for their well-being in case anything happens to Virat and then asks what Satya

Satya remembers his inner voice urging him to express his love for Sai. In his sleep, Virat mumbles “I love you Sai,” causing Sai to become emotional. The title track of the serial plays in the background. Satya remarks on Virat’s ability to express his feelings even in such a state. However, Virat then says “I hate you Sai, you are a betrayer,” causing Sai to acknowledge that Virat hates her. Satya does not believe that Paakhi will return and Sai hopes she does, but understands that it is unlikely as Virat had previously mentioned. Satya asks if she can take care of Virat while Paakhi is away, prompting Sai to ask if he wants her to leave. Satya clarifies that he enjoys spending time with her and bonding with Saavi, and does not want her to leave permanently. Sai expresses that her main concern is the relationship between herself and her children, as well as the deteriorating situation between herself and Virat which led her to marry Satya as an escape. She wants Virat to move on and be happy, without breaking anyone’s heart. Just then, she receives a phone call and exits the scene. Satya thanks Sai

Sai asks Vinu where the baba is. He saw the news and wanted to meet her right now. Sai asks him to calm down and be brave. Vinu says he saw the news about someone dying during the blast and asked if Baba was okay. Sai tells him never to think that way. Bhavani rudely asks where Virat is and to give her the phone. Sai says Virat is fine. Bhavani continues to yell and says she doesn’t trust Sai. Sai replies that it is up to her since she relayed her message to him.

During a celebration of Virat’s successful mission, reporters call Virat and Sai a power couple. Sai says her husband Satya is an important part of this mission. Virat looks at Sai.

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