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Ghum hai kisike

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As Virat’s eyes flutter open, he immediately questions Satya if he has landed in hell. Confused, Satya asks for clarification. Virat explains that upon seeing Satya first thing after waking up, he wondered if he had reached the afterlife. With a hint of admiration, Satya remarks on Virat’s sense of humor despite the traumatic explosion. Inquiring about his team member, Virat receives the heartbreaking news that they did not survive. Concerned about their boss, Virat checks on the commissioner’s condition and is reassured that he is recovering well. However, it seems Virat cannot resist taunting Satya even in this dire situation. Just then, Sai enters and expresses her concern for him. Dismissing her brusquely, Virat reminds her that she is only an aunt to him and not to interfere. Nonchalantly, Sai agrees and informs him that even his children called to speak with him. Annoyed by their intrusion into his personal life, Virat insists that they continue their conversation elsewhere while subtly mentioning overhearing them discuss him earlier. He requests some privacy and they obediently exit the room.

After some time, Virat’s team congratulates him on his successful mission and reporters shower praise on both Virat and Sai for their joint efforts, calling them a power couple. Sai then introduces Satya as her husband and credits the three of them as a team for completing the mission. The reporters are taken aback by this revelation about Satya and ask the trio to take a photo together, to which Virat declines and suggests they take a photo of Mr. and Mrs. Adhikari instead. Satya is then questioned by the reporters, to which she attributes the success of the mission to Sai’s hard work and bravery in saving both the commissioner’s life and others’. This makes Virat feel envious.

Virat arrives home and is greeted by Bhavani, who lovingly embraces him. Ninad, feeling emotional, also meets Virat, followed by Vinu. As the family prays for their bond to never break, Satya and Sai return to their own home. However, when Amba scolds Satya for his dangerous actions, she then consoles Sai with a hug as a sign of acceptance. The rest of the family is overjoyed at this display of affection. Satya proudly declares that it was his dream, but Gowri playfully reminds him that it is now a reality. Amba commends Sai’s bravery in risking her life to save the commissioner. The family agrees that they were more concerned about Sai’s safety. When Satya asks about himself, the family reassures him that he need not worry as long as Savi’s mother is with him. Satya acknowledges their words and places his hand on Sai’s shoulder. However, Sai feels uneasy with this gesture.

Eventually, Satya dozes off while watching a news video. Sai approaches him and reveals that she feels uneasy whenever he touches her and requests him to be cautious going forward. As Satya sleeps, he has a dream where he gently holds Sai’s hand before a bomb explodes, causing him to wake up in distress. Concerned, Sai offers him some water. Similarly, Virat is also disturbed by the recent blast. In light of the incident, Satya understands that life is uncertain. Sympathizing with his worries, Sai advises him to relax while she goes to meet Saavi. Meanwhile, Satya notices their wedding photo and realizes that tomorrow is Vatsavitri Puja and Sai will fast for him; he decides not to delay and express his love for her. Seeking Maddy’s help, Satya asks for gift ideas for Sai. Although Maddy suggests a sari, Satya wants something different as Sai already has numerous saris. Nonetheless, Sai insists that girls cherish wearing saris gifted by their loved ones on special occasions and confidently assures that she will wear his gifted sari tomorrow. Pleased with her suggestion, Maddy goes to get a sari.

As Ashwini had purchased a sari online for Paakhi, the Chavans receive it. Vinu says mamma’s sari arrived, but not her; who will wear it now? Harini suggests he give it to his aayi/Sai. Sonali scolds her for suggesting such an odd idea and says they should return the sari. Virat takes Vinu to Sai’s house and says Harini’s idea is good.

Sai thinks it is her duty to keep fast for Satya, but Virat sent her a sari as a gift of love; she isn’t sure whether to choose duty or love.

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