Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th January 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

When Virat shows Pakhi Vinayak’s sweater, she asks if she’s ready for Nagpur Maratha Mahila Sanghathan’s meeting, it won’t look good if her family women don’t attend. Bhavani walks in and asks Pakhi if she’s ready. In a meeting, Bhavani speaks about their voting rights. Ashwini tells Shivani that Bhavani gave a good speech.

A woman asks Pakhi how she is doing. Pakhi replies she is fine. Another lady asks what happened to Pakhi. The woman says Pakhi’s uterus was removed after an accident, so she cannot become pregnant anymore, and her son is adopted. It is crueler for a woman not to become a mother than not to become a mother herself. Ashwini says Pakhi has Vinayak who is adopted, but Pakhi loves her more than her biological child.

When Sai brings new furniture home, she tells Savi that it is for Vinu dada. Savi asks why she brought furniture here for Vinu when Vinu stays with his father. Sai thinks she cannot tell Savi that Vinu is their son, so she says Vinu can take a nap here whenever he visits.

In her speech, Pakhi says she is Yashoda, and Krishna is not only known by Devaki’s name but also by Yashoda’s name. A woman tongue lashed her for her foolish and cheap thinking and said a relationship of the heart is more powerful and pure, and one who understands it understands humanity, motherhood doesn’t require a blood relationship.

Usha sees Sai happy and says she is happy that Vinu is returning home, but does she think Virat will reveal the truth to Pakhi, and will Pakhi let Vinu go; even this time, she believes Virat will support her. Sai says Virat could not stop her from taking her son away last time and this time no power can stop a mother from taking back her son; after 32 hours, Vinu will be with his mother and younger sister.

Karishma complains to Mohit that he doesn’t pay attention to her, so he decides to take her on a long drive. During dinner, Pakhi asks Vinayak not to use his mobile phone while eating. When Virat messages Pakhi about Vinu, Vinu stops him and says like Mamma said, no mobile phone while eating. The family gets to see Pakhi’s speech on a viral video.

He says mamma made him proud, now he can proudly say Pakhi is his Yashoda Maiya and he is her Kanha. She says he made her experience motherhood and made her complete. Karishma and Mohit discuss their college love story on a long drive. Mohit promotes Dear Ishq, a Disney+ Hotstar serial featuring Abhimanyu and Asmita Roy.

Savi and Vinayak participate in their school’s clay moulding competition. Vinu shows Pakhi a thumbs up. Pakhi wishes him good luck. Sai also cheers him on. Pakhi feels jealous. Sai cheers up Team Vinu-Savi with a placard. Ninad asks if they can also join. Sai gives him a placard. Ashwini offers a placard to Pakhi.

Shivani offers her cap to Pakhi. Pakhi says the placard’s time is over, she prepared Vinayak hats for everyone. Chavans wear hats. Sai asks Pakhi if she wants one. Seeing that his colours are finished, Vinu panics as he sees Sai’s eye on Pakhi’s son. Pakhi frowns more and goes to the washroom.


Pakhi points a gun at Sai and threatens her. Sai says she will take back her son regardless of the cost.

When Pakhi threatens to kill herself, Virat notices and with Sai tries to grab her gun. A bullet hits one of them.

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