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Angad and Sahiba ask Simran if she can sleep in their bed between them. She says why not, thanks him, and asks him to remove the thread partition in the middle of the bed. Angad, looking at Sahiba, says they will. They remove threads together. A song called Ye Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays in the background. They then cover Simran with a blanket and make her sleep. As Simran holds their hands, she wishes them a good night.

Sahiba wonders what Angad will do when he discovers Simran is his stepsister and their father is the same. In the middle of the night, Simran wakes up feeling hungry and walks out searching for a kitchen, while Sahiba holds Angad’s hand in sleep. Then Angad wakes her up and informs her that Simran has disappeared. They both search for Simran.

In the kitchen, Simran looks for food and grabs a milk bottle. Jasleen enters and shouts angrily when she sees Simran. Simran drops the milk bottle in fear and the family gathers to hear the sound. Inder gets angry and says Simran is not an orphan and that they are tolerating her in their house just because Sahiba brought her home without verifying her background. Jasleen says Simran is wandering around the house like a thief.

It is thought that Inder will reveal Simran to the family, but Japjyoth asks what he means. He says it’s inhumane to call a small child an orphan and frighten her. Jasleen is accustomed to creating drama, but she should at least share with a small child. Japjyoth warns Jasleen to stop her drama and says Simran will stay with them until a good school and place for her stay is found. She asks Sahiba to feed the hungry kid. Family disperses. Angad thanks Inder for supporting Simran’s education.

After consoling Simran with funny memes on his laptop, Angad escorts her to his room. Sahiba joins them later, bringing a glass of milk for Simran. Touched by Angad’s protective behavior, Simran asks if she can tie a rakhi to him as a gesture of siblinghood. Angad readily agrees and they use bed partition threads as rakhi. Overcome with emotions, Angad agrees to fulfill any request from Simran. She expresses her desire for him to locate her father and he promises to do so. Once Simran falls asleep again, Angad shares his thoughts with Sahiba about how they will miss her when she moves to boarding school. However, Sahiba believes that Simran will not feel the same way as she has always been independent and self-sufficient…

Angad inquires about the possibility of regularly visiting Simran and bringing her home on weekends. Sahiba confirms with a nod. Inder is kept awake by the memory of the kitchen incident. Manveer wakes up and asks if something is troubling him. He assures her that everything is fine. The next morning, Sahiba prepares Simran for the day and takes her to Inder. Simran expresses gratitude towards him for protecting her from the mean aunty. Inder showers her with love and gifts her a dress. Simran thanks him and wonders if he is Angad’s father, to which he affirms with a ‘yes’. She then inquires about what she should call him, to which he replies ‘papa’. Manveer enters and questions what he means by that.


When Simran drops her rakhi box, Angad asks what it’s all about. Simran says it’s a rakhi for her brother, who she doesn’t have. Angad asks her to tie him a rakhi, as he is now her brother. Simran asks for a gift from him after tying the rakhi to him. In revealing that Simran is Sahiba’s illegitimate child, he asks if he would support his mother and wife in the future.

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