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Simran inquires with Inder about his relationship with Angad, to which he confirms that he is indeed his father. Curious, she asks what she should address him as. Inder responds with “papa”. Manveer interrupts their conversation and inquires about the discussion. Sensing Manveer’s concern, Inder becomes anxious. Manveer informs them that she has a dentist appointment in 2 hours and won’t be able to join for dinner. As a result, Sahiba decides to tag along as well. Inder then playfully lifts Simran and suggests that she can call him “uncle”. This statement surprises Manveer who later witnesses Inder setting Simran down and leaving without another word. On the other hand, Sahiba receives a call from the new warden of the orphanage who is concerned about the recent events involving Simran. He asks if Sahiba plans on sending her back to the orphanage, to which Sahiba responds that she hasn’t made a decision yet but will keep Simran under her care for now. The warden offers to list Sahiba as Simran’s guardian and send legal documents to her home, but Sahiba decides to visit the orphanage herself

Simran’s face lights up at the sight of chaat pakodi/snacks. Seerat kindly offers her some, explaining that she made it for her and Angad. Angad joins them and expresses his delight in seeing Simran enjoy the snacks. Seerat shared that she wanted to spend time with him and discuss their future, which was why she prepared the snacks. However, Simran suggests they go out instead since she doesn’t like these snacks. Seerat agrees while Angad hesitates. She reminds him how he used to take care of her before they got married to different people and encourages him to embrace the change. Attempting to hold his hand, he pulls away. Seerat questions if she is so terrible that he can’t even hold her hand. Just then, Sahiba walks over to them and Simran suggests they leave now.

Angad invites Seerat to join them, but she declines and mutters about her misfortune. Sahiba picks up on her intentions and inquires if she wants to be alone with Angad. Seerat angrily denies the accusation, as Angad tries to calm them both down. Sahiba believes that as a fellow woman, she can understand Seerat’s intentions, causing Seerat to storm off back home. Simran reminds them all to hurry into the car. Once they return home, Sahiba expresses her desire to keep Simran permanently. Angad agrees and suggests they get their family’s approval first, especially in case Simran’s father comes back. However, Sahiba reassures him not to worry and urges him to speak with his family first.

The maid delivers the news that the orphanage has sent Simran’s belongings and some paperwork. Sahiba mentions that they also requested for her and Angad to become Simran’s guardians. She had already informed the warden that she would go to the orphanage to sign the papers, but he must have sent them in case they were important. Angad expresses his disapproval of her decision without consulting him first. In a rush, Sahiba grabs Simran’s bag, worried that there may be something incriminating inside that could reveal her connection to Inder. Retrieving the bag from the orphanage staff, Angad starts searching through the documents, hoping to find information about Sahiba’s father.

Sahiba assures everyone that she will handle the documents and attempts to take them from the table. However, in her rush, she accidentally drops them. Seerat steps on the scattered papers and apologizes. After retrieving the documents, Sahiba begins to read them hurriedly. Seerat offers to help but Sahiba snatches them back. Just then, Manveer enters with Inder and inquires about the commotion. Sahiba explains that they received Simran’s documents from the orphanage and she is keeping them safe. Angad suggests they look for information about Simran’s father in the documents. Seerat also insists on looking through them. Manveer takes the papers to read but Inder interrupts, suggesting that Sahiba should be the one in charge of handling them. Despite his objection, Manveer continues to read and looks shocked after going through the papers.


In response to Angad’s question, Simran drops her rakhi box. As Simran doesn’t have a brother, she is collecting them, so Angad asks her to tie it to him. As he is now her brother, Angad asks Simran for a gift after she ties the rakhi to him. After revealing Simran is his father’s illegitimate child, Manveer asks Sahiba if he will support his wife or mother.

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