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Inder implores Manveer to allow Sahiba to thoroughly examine the file, attempting to grab it from her grasp. Manveer questions the need for secrecy, prompting Sahiba to read in astonishment. Angad inquires about the issue at hand. Upon discovering Gayatri Sachdeva’s name listed as Simar’s mother, Manveer recalls Inder’s confession of love for Gayatri. Curiosity piqued, Angad asks about the contents of the file. He notes that only Simar’s mother is mentioned, with no mention of her father. Inder visibly relaxes. Angad comments on the character of a man who would abandon his child and their mother, speculating that either they want nothing to do with each other or Simar’s mother wants him out of their lives. Disgusted, he laments the immoral people in this world. Sahiba reminds them that they cannot pass any judgment without knowing all the facts and they leave. Meanwhile, Inder remains stationary.

Inder tells Daarji that he wants to divorce Manveer and wants to marry Gayatri, but Daarji refuses, and Manveer threatens to commit suicide if she can’t be that Gayatri. She thinks she can’t be that Gayatri and says Simran can’t be her daughter. Inder seems to be changed; he seems to be over the top. She drinks water in a panic. She thinks Inder didn’t show his emotions before, should I talk to him? She tells herself she is overthinking, and that his affair had ended long ago.

Seerat confides in Jasleen about Manveer’s concern over Simran’s documents. Jasleen reassures her that she will look into it and asks if Seerat feels like she’s being used as a spy. Seerat denies this, explaining that she only talks to Jasleen openly and doesn’t feel suspicious. Jasleen then asks if Angad is keeping his promise to give importance to Seerat over Sahiba. Seerat recalls Angad’s words and Jasleen encourages her to remind him of his promise frequently, especially since they have grown closer and been spending more time together. She reminds Seerat of how special Angad made her feel on Sahiba’s birthday, but expresses concern that he may have forgotten his promise to her.

Angad enters Manveer’s room and gently covers her with a blanket. Inder soon joins them, and Angad expresses his concern for their mother, who seemed tired and disturbed earlier. However, Inder reveals that she hasn’t mentioned anything to him and suggests that she may have a headache. As Angad bids them goodnight and leaves, Inder quietly follows him and inquires about Simar’s well-being. Angad then shares his and Sahiba’s idea of keeping her with them instead of sending her to boarding school. This news makes Inder both happy and emotional. When asked if he has any objections, Inder assures Angad that he doesn’t and praises Simar as a good girl. After Angad departs, Inder reflects on how grateful he is to him and realizes that he must also apologize for his past mistakes towards Simran, Gayatri, Manveer, and even himself for not being the kind of father they wanted or Simran needed.

As Seerat reflected on Jasleen and Angad’s words, the sound of a thunderstorm caught her attention. She peered outside to see rain pouring down. She couldn’t help but feel immense joy in witnessing the rain. Meanwhile, Sahiba was taking care of Simran, with Angad also present. A call from Pam interrupted their peaceful moment, causing Angad to express his dislike for delays. Sahiba reassured him that Simran was asleep. Angad stepped outside to take the call while Seerat happily enjoyed the rain outside the house. As he continued his conversation, Seerat approached him from behind. When Angad finally noticed her presence and turned around, Teri meri doriyan began to play in the background…

Simran awakens with a start, calling out for her mother. Sahiba embraces her tightly and inquires about the reason for her distress. She wonders if Simran had a bad dream or if she is frightened due to the thunderstorm outside. Simran nods, seeking comfort in her embrace. In another room, Angad checks on Seerat, who is standing in the rain. He urges her to come inside, concerned that she might catch a cold. Seerat insists on enjoying the downpour and tries to persuade him to join her. However, Angad remains adamant and encourages her to seek shelter indoors. Sahiba joins them at this moment and suggests Simran’s favourite trick – closing her eyes and imagining Mamma’s presence – as a means to calm her down. But Simran reveals that nothing seems to be working as she feels like Mamma is upset with her. Meanwhile, Inder interrupts Sahiba’s search for Angad and asks about the commotion. She explains that Simran is inconsolable and refuses to stop crying. Inder approaches his daughter and reassures her of how brave she is just like her mother. Sahiba watches their interaction intently.

Seerat enjoys the rain and excitedly beckons Angad to join her. He cautions her against falling ill, but she insists he comes along. Meanwhile, Inder comforts Simran and asks if someone is scaring her in her sleep. She tearfully reveals it was a close friend and asks if Inder had also experienced a bad dream. Sensing her distress, Inder promises not to tell anyone as they share a hug. As Sahiba enters the room, Simran shares details of her dream where Angad and Sahiba were together in a car that met with an accident, leading to their untimely deaths. She also mentions how their mother had passed away prior. Overcome with emotion, Inder embraces Simran.


Angad and Sahiba are sitting on the poolside. He asks if there is a need for a fight since we are becoming closer. Sahiba asks if he will not support her for that girl. Angad asks her to leave some decisions to him.

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