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Simran makes a sandwich for Angad, but the toaster malfunctions and causes sparks, resulting in a power outage. She calls out for help, and Angad hears her and comes to the kitchen. Thankfully, the power returns. Suddenly, Sahiba joins them in the kitchen and notices Simran holding onto Angad in fear. However, instead of comforting her, Angad withdraws his hand when Sahiba places hers on Simran’s shoulder. Soon after, Inder and Manveer also enter the kitchen. Angad suggests that if she was hungry, Simran could have just asked Sahiba for food. However, Simran clarifies that she was actually making sandwiches for Angad as he had been hungry since morning. She then asks Manveer to make sure her son is fed since he had also been hungry all day. Seeing the tension in the room, Sahiba takes Simran away from there.

Angad approaches Akaal and asks for a moment of his time. Akaal agrees with a nod. Angad shares that Manveer had hoped for a daughter, but unfortunately, his relationship with Inder deteriorated before that could happen. He also mentions how Manveer developed strong feelings for Simran when they first met and wanted to support her in every way, but upon learning the truth about her birth, his perspective changed. He clarifies that it is not Simran’s fault for being born illegitimate and expresses his desire to keep her at the Brar house. Akaal responds by saying that if Simran was biologically related to Manveer, the family would have readily accepted her; however, due to her illegitimacy, they cannot keep her with them or else society will criticize them. Understanding Akaal’s viewpoint, Angad bids him farewell and walks away.

The following morning, the Brar family is enjoying their breakfast when the orphanage manager, Mr. Dhillon, arrives. Manveer introduces him to the family and explains that he has come to take Simran back with him. Sahiba pleads with Manveer not to allow this. However, Simran remains adamant, insisting that no one can stop her from leaving. Seerat scolds Sahiba for opposing Simran’s decision. Feeling helpless, Sahiba turns to Angad for assistance. Unfortunately, Angad responds harshly and agrees to sign the necessary documents. In a last-ditch effort, Sahiba requests Mr. Dhillon for more time to think things over. Meanwhile, Simran tearfully packs her belongings and remembers tying a rakhi on Angad’s wrist as well as other memories with her brothers Inder and Angad.

Inder begs Angad not to send their daughter to an orphanage, reminding him that he is still alive. However, Angad insists that they must choose between himself and Manveer, or Simran. He declares that they will leave the house if Simran stays. Japjyoth urges Angad not to even consider leaving the home. Veer implores Angad to see Simran as a sibling, just like him, Kiara and Garry do. Losing his temper, Angad summons Sukhdeep, the housemaid. Sukhdeep arrives with a teddy bear that Angad had ordered for Simran a few days ago. Simran steps out with her bag and sees the note from Angad attached to the teddy bear. She asks if it was meant for her. Manveer interjects that Angad is not her brother and demands that Veer call Mr Dhillon. Unfazed by their reactions, Simran calmly explains that she was already aware of this situation and had packed her bags herself.


Simran is dragged out of the house by Manveer. When Simran pleads with Angad to save her, Sahiba asks if he will not protect his sister. Angad stops Manveer.

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