Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st March 2023 Written Update


Inder tells Manveer that Sahiba is supporting Angad well, she is either too sensitive or too cunning. Jasleen tries to speak with Manveer, but Manveer refuses to talk. Garry tells Jasleen to let Jasleen go.

Keeping an eye on her enemy’s every move will help Jasleen defeat her enemy, and if she stays in Brar mansion, she will need to gain Manveer’s trust if she wants to stay. She will make sure Manveer’s life is ruined and Angad is considered incompetent to take care of Brar jewellers, then she will force Brars to assign Garry the responsibility.

Jasleen’s friend takes her away. Seerat disguised as a waiter walks behind Garry. She slips and is about to drop juice on Sahiba when Angad saves her. Seerat agrees to clean the mess and bends down to clean it. Garry identifies her and Angad orders her to clean the mess properly. Seerat begins to cry. Sahiba and Angad argue. Sahiba holds the waitress and says it’s okay. Seerat tries to leave. Sahiba stops her. Seerat apologizes and says she won’t repeat the mistake.

He intervenes and asks Sahiba if there is any problem. Sahiba says she feels she knows the waiter. Garry says the waiters are from another city and takes Seerat from there. Veer asks Sahiba if she needs some snacks. Seerat confronts him about his behaviour. Their argument starts. Garry asks her to leave before anyone identifies her. Veer asks Sahiba if she needs snacks.

Sahiba says no and asks where Garry was during her and Angad’s wedding. Veer says that there was a fire accident at their showroom, so Garry had gone to handle it. Sahiba thinks something is fishy, where did Garry take the waitress, and why did he defend her? The inspector walks in. Garry asks what he’s doing. Inspector says he’s here to meet Sahiba as she filed a complaint. Garry gets tensed and tries to stop him, but the inspector leaves, saying he will call him later.

Garry takes Seerat aside and says police are investigating their case. Seerat threatens to reveal to the police where she has been hiding. Garry becomes tense. Gurleen praises Sahiba’s kind and adjusting nature. Prabjot says Sahiba has been pretending to be rich. Darji says he feels Sahiba’s goodness when she visited them to decorate the prayer room. Inder says a person can misjudge someone. Darji says he has never misjudged anyone.

The inspector walks up to Sahiba and greets her. Sahiba gets anxious that Brars will find out she visited the police station later that night. Angad asks the inspector’s reason for coming. The inspector informs him that someone from his family has filed a complaint about Seerat’s disappearance. Gurleen says Sahiba should be given the opportunity to explain herself. Angad continues to humiliate Sahiba. Family gathers. Inspector reveals Sahiba did. Manveer and Prabjot badmouth Sahiba. Inspector reveals Sahiba did.

Angad accuses Sahiba of plotting against his family and marrying him by trick. Sahiba says she wasn’t even interested in talking to him, let alone marrying him.

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