Teri Meri Doriyaan 25th September 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 25th September 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Veer takes Rumi to his room, suggesting that he stay the night due to his intoxication. Rumi reflects on his close encounter with Sahiba and looks forward to being even closer to her. The next morning, he quietly enters Angad’s room as he continues to sleep. Swirling a book in hand, Rumi muses that he is getting closer to Sahiba by the minute. However, when Angad wakes up and finds himself alone, he goes back to sleep. Meanwhile, Rumi notices Angad’s photo in the newspaper and reads about his award from the Jeweler’s Association as “Businessman of the Year”. Enraged, Rumi crumples up the paper and angrily tosses it away.

Sahiba visits her college principal and requests that he give her some time to pay mess fees. The teacher says he cannot promise, but will speak to administration. Sahiba says she’s looking for a part-time job and will pay the fees once she finds one. His ex-student Sanjeev runs an event management company and needs a flower decorator for his next event, so he asks Sahiba if she would be interested in the job since she is the best artist in her college. Sahiba thanks him for his kindness.

Seerat eagerly spots Angad’s feature in the newspaper and her face lights up with joy. She quickly summons the maids to fetch 10 copies of the paper and gathers the family around the breakfast table within an hour. As they take their seats, each family member is surprised to find a framed copy of the news article in front of them. Japjyoth excitedly shares that it announces Angad as the businessman of the year who will be receiving an award tonight. The entire family bursts into cheers and congratulations for Angad, who joins them for breakfast. Amidst all the excitement, they decide to throw a party in his honor. However, when asked about it, Angad initially declines but eventually gives in after comforting Manveer who was disappointed by his refusal.

When Seerat hires interior designers to redesign Angad’s room, she throws away Sahiba’s photo and kerchief and explains her idea. Angad picks up Sahiba’s photo and kerchief. He asks with whose permission she is changing the room decoration. Angad tells Seerat he must erase Sahiba’s memories from the room if he wants to move on in life. He says it wouldn’t ease his pain. Seerat sends the designers away and tries to convince him.

She discussed her idea with Manveer, who agreed. Shortly after, he walked in with Japjyoth and attempted to persuade him as well. Japjyoth pointed out that Manver has never liked Sahiba and reminded him that it’s not wise to separate Angad from his wife for life. Manveer then asked if she couldn’t see how desperate he was. To this, Japjoyth responded by acknowledging that Seerat is young and simply had a childish notion, while Manveer is experienced enough to see the bigger picture and should not consider breaking up Angad and Sahiba.


Angad’s watch, blood-stained shirt, and a note saying he took Angad out of her life are in the parcel Sahiba receives. Sahiba runs along the road, worried about Angad. Rumi stops his jeep and asks what she’s doing. Sahiba says Angad is in danger. Rumi asks her to get in his jeep, he’ll help her. She gets in. He smiles.


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