Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd September 2023 Written Update


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She finds Angad lying in a king’s style, Veer playing sitar for him as his musician, and Keerat fanning him as his maid when she enters her room. As she asks what is going on here, Angad announces that she is the king of Brar kingdom, and he is its king, so he requires special treatment. Keerat says she is the princess, and Veer is the prince.

In view of Manveer’s behavior, Sahiba asks Angad to stop his joke and says she needs his support more now because she is anxious to follow her given responsibility. Veer says she’s one of Punjab’s five love stories, which Keerat argues with him is 4. Angad asks what Sahiba means. Keerat says it means boss lady.

Angad tells Sahiba that Sahiba means one who rules over the hearts, so he is confident she will handle her responsibilities well. Gurleen walks in and asks them to reach Akaal and Japjyoth’s room soon as Jasleen is fighting with them. She jokes and hits him. They rush to Akaal and Japjyoth’s room.

Akaal says he called everyone and only she didn’t come, so Jasleen fights with her parents about making Sahiba head of the family while she is away. Jasleen says they can’t make a Shimlapuri girl rule over her. Angad tells her to stop insulting his wife so much. Her family will never accept Akaal’s decision of Sahiba as head of family since he takes everyone’s opinions into account before making any decisions.

Sahiba pleads with Japjyoth to let the matter go, expressing her desire to avoid any further conflicts within the family. Japjyoth commends Sahiba for once again demonstrating her capability in managing the household. Akaal agrees, stating that he made the right decision. However, Japjyoth reminds Jasleen that as a daughter-in-law, her role is to take care of the family and not be involved in business matters. Jasleen insists that she is seen as nothing more than a daughter to them and expresses her desire to join the family business. She explains that she studied business and it has always been her passion, but Akaal gave the responsibility to Inder who was both incompetent and uninterested in it, ultimately causing harm to the business.

Like always playing the victim card, Akaal says she is using Garry’s death in her favor to join family business; if she had been so capable, she would have given her ideas to Inder or at least helped Angad in business, but she always had a superiority complex; he did not assign her a responsibility because she was unable to handle it; she couldn’t manage her marriage and wishes to handle family business.

She challenges to get her share of the business at any cost, and he always brings up her divorce whenever there is an issue. Jasleen says she is not weak like Seerat and Inder and knows how to snatch her right. Sahiba says she is happy to help her whenever she needs her help. She walks away from there. Jasleen believes Seerat thinks she is weak, but her behavior will break Angad and Sahiba’s relationship.

Jasleen inquires about Manveer’s absence from the family meeting regarding Akaal and Japjyoth’s decision. However, Manveer clarifies that she was indeed present and advises Jasleen not to worry as she is a daughter, not a daughter-in-law. Jasleen expresses her concerns about Sahiba gaining control of the family and predicts that Manveer will eventually lose her value, with Inder focused on Simran and Angad following Sahiba’s lead. Manveer accuses Jasleen of stirring up trouble and urges her to put an end to her schemes. Jasleen retorts that Manveer will soon find herself in a similar predicament and leaves the conversation.

Simran crowns Sahiba as the new princess of the house, but Angad points out that while some are against her, others stand by her. Ultimately, it’s up to Sahiba to choose whether or not to embrace her supporters. As Sahiba thanks Simran and tells her to go rest for school tomorrow, Simran asks if she can sleep in their room. Though Angad agrees, Sahiba declines. Simran then bends down, causing Angad to accidentally kiss Sahiba. Feeling flustered, Sahiba excuses herself to help Simran sleep. Just then, Seerat knocks on the door and calls for Angad.


Sahiba kisses Angad and says their togetherness was only until here and leaves with her bag. She returns keys to Japjyoth and says she cannot fulfill the family’s responsibility she gave her. Japjyot asks what is going on. Sahiba tells her to ask Angad about the issue and leaves the house.


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