Kavya – Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 10th November 2023 Written Update


Kavya 10th November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Adi is running after the van. He climbs up to get his bag. Kavya watches. Adi gets down the van. She asks if you’re mad. He says it’s important. Omi says Adi is going to hand over the packet and he’ll be stuck. Giriraj says everything will end forever with one move. Adi hands the packet to Kavya and says it’s Navya’s coat and stethoscope. She hugs it. You kept this safe so that I wouldn’t lose it. Khamoshiyaan….plays… They walk together.

Jaideep asks if you got to Kavya’s house. Gauri says she is getting new alliances every day. He says you could have discussed this with me, she is no longer the old Kavya. She says she is doing this for Shubh. I have never stepped back from my duty, I have compromised with my principles just for Shubh, he says. It can’t be a Shubh and our decision, but also Kavya’s.

Gauri says Kavya will say yes, just support me. She ends the call. Shubh comes and says I couldn’t dream, that you would take Kavya’s name with love. She says I’m dreaming about your marriage. It seems like you have forgotten everything and forgiven her, I can’t believe it. She says I didn’t forgive anything, but once she marries, she will be known as a Thakur.

Mayank notices Gauri and Shubh’s arrival, and informs Anjali who remembers Gauri’s previous remarks. She instructs him to convey that she is occupied and will join them after ten minutes, as they had been made to wait for an hour. Rajeev comments that such behavior doesn’t suit them. Mayank steps outside and suggests waiting for five more minutes while he contacts their mother. Shubh reassures them it’s not necessary. Meanwhile, they spot Kavya with Adi, and Anjali goes to greet them. Rajeev invites them inside as Shubh explains Adi’s role in Kavya’s project and the clash they had due to his political affiliations. Kavya invites Adi in, offering to attend to his wound, but he declines, stating that it will heal on its own unlike the emotional wounds inflicted by her.

Rajeev says let him go, his dad will treat him. Adi smiles and greets. He leaves. Anjali asks why he came here. Kavya says he came to give Navya’s belongings. Rajeev and Anjali hug the coat. Shubh asks what did Adi do, he will do anything to impress you. Kavya says don’t get in Adi’s and my matter. Gauri says I came to fix Shubh and Kavya’s marriage, so don’t interfere.

In spite of Gauri’s efforts to convince them, Rajeev and Kaavya refuse. The police barge in and show the search warrant. They check the house. Kavya asks the charges. Inspector tells Rajeev of bribe charges. Malini says you have returned. Adi jokes. She says there is something else in your heart. He says your heart is empty. She asks him not to lie. He smiles. Rajeev defends himself.

As he sits crying, Kavya consoles Rajeev and Mayank. Adi argues with Giriraj. Anjali stops the constable from taking Navya’s coat. When they see the money in the coat, they get shocked. Shubh says now I know why Adi came here to offer the coat, he has done this. Inspector says this is bribe money. Kavya cries as she remembers Adi’s words.


Adi watches as Kavya tells him his dad is in jail because of you and your father, but he will get out and celebrate Diwali at home.

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