Kavya – Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 24th October 2023 Written Update

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In this episode, Kavya returns home. She says every vendor is giving the same answer, like someone is creating a hurdle, some things are big for some people, there are a lot of things holding this success back. Anusha is my partner, thanks for doing my work well. Payal questions how long Kavya will win. She argues. Anjali arrives at Malini’s house and looks at the huge house.

Malini greets Anjali with a smile, admitting she didn’t recognize her at first. Anjali returns the greeting and compliments Malini’s appearance. Grateful for the compliment, Malini reciprocates the gesture. As they sit down for tea, Anjali shares information about herself and her family. Curious, Malini asks about Navya’s identity. Meanwhile, Kavya and Payal get into an argument, with Kavya accusing Payal of frequently causing issues. Trying to diffuse the situation, Payal reminds Kavya of her own actions. Suddenly, Adhiraj appears dressed as a doctor, causing everyone to become frightened of Kavya’s reaction.

Adhiraj scares Payal, they all scream, and Kavya is reminded of the past and tears. Adhiraj acts like Dr. Navya. In her cry, Anjali says I lost Navya, I couldn’t do anything, middle class people have nothing but respect, and it was taken from us. Malini consoles her. Sanjeev tells Adhiraj to wash his face. Adhiraj laughs. Anusha says your fashion sense is great. Adhira calls you all cowardice.

Adhiraj asks why you came here and takes the doctor’s coat. Kavya thinks of Navya and cries. She says I can’t tolerate it any more, whatever happened here, I will make their mouths shut one day. Kavya says you have no sense, you can’t make fun of a deceased person, you haven’t done any work today, I don’t want you on my team.

He says no, I promise, this won’t happen again, give me one last chance. Then you can apologize to me, and I’ll find out who is causing vendors to refuse to work with us. He says done. She departs. He says I didn’t wish to do this, but I will keep our partnership. As he lies in bed, he recalls Kavya’s words.

Upon meeting Omi, Kavya follows him. Omi says you aren’t sleeping there, I told you. Adhiraj says I need to ask something, I showed you a file, it had vendor information, are you asking them not to give us supplies? Kavya thinks Adi told his brother the vendor details, which I didn’t expect from him. Adhiraj says he heard you had a fight. Omi denies it. He asks how my drink got so small.

Adhiraj questions, “Answer me.” Omi responds, “Kavya seems unsure, and now you’re also uncertain. You seem to be accusing me.” Adhiraj quickly clarifies, “No, I apologize. I was simply inquiring. I’ll leave now.” He exits the room. Omi contacts Giriraj and informs him about Adhiraj’s doubts. Giriraj dismisses it, saying it’s not important. Omi expresses his concern about Adi finding out the truth and potentially losing trust in them. Giriraj reminds Omi that they’re doing this for Adi’s benefit and their own. The hospital land is valued at 150 crores, and building a hospital there is not the right decision. He assures Omi that he will handle Adi while Omi takes care of other matters related to the situation.

After packing, Kavya calls Shubh. She asks how Rajeev knew I was longing for your voice. She sits talking to him. She says I am losing at every stage. He says the person who tries will never lose.


When Kavya tells the villagers that Navya was her elder sister, the villagers attack her in anger. Adhiraj saves her.

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