Kavya 17th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya Outsmarts Bunty, Adi Breaks Ties


Kavya 17th April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

During the episode, Kavya shows Bunty the cheque. During the deposit, Adi says, “This is the real cheque, that was a fake one, I took a colour photocopy of it.” She recalls changing the cheque. Rajeev, Anjali, and Mayank arrive. He congratulates Kavya in front of Adi and Giriraj, saying, “I’m proud of you again.”.

Adi tears the cheque and scolds Bunty. Kavya asks him what to do now. Anurag’s friend has put money into their account. Mayank asks Sujoy for the name of his friend. Sujoy says Brij. Mayank is shocked. Giriraj asks Rajeev to leave. He tears up the cheque and scolds Bunty. My daughter is being insulted here, so I came here on Anjali’s recommendation to invite you to our store opening, and I lost my job because of some politician.

Giriraj looks at Adi. Anjali asks them to come. Kavya gives sweets to everyone. Giriraj and Badi Amma leave. Adi takes some sweets and leaves. Kavya says I’m hungry and I’ll finish the sweets. She congratulates Rajeev and hugs him. Kavya scares Badi Amma when she sees the darkness in her room. They argue.

Kavya warns her against hurting Adi. She asks her to have sweets. Badi Amma hits an apple at her. Kavya catches it and says, Thank you, you care a lot for me, thanks. As she eats the apple, she goes to the storeroom. Kavya sees Adi there. She laughs and jokes. He eats the sweets and thanks her. She asks what. He thanks her for whatever you did.

Anurag is telling Badi Amma about Mayank. He remembers Mayank’s words. Badi Amma asks what. Anurag says yes, when the secret comes out, Adi and Kavya will fight. Adi says don’t think everything has changed. Kavya says no, but something has changed. He says no, I still hate you.

I don’t hate you, so keep lying. He says you are so irritating. She thanks. He asks why thanks. She says for eating sweets. He feeds her the sweets. He eats it himself and laughs. He leaves. She cries and says Adi, this is just the beginning, I wish I could erase that day from my life. She thinks about Anurag.


A reporter asks Kavya who she will support, Adi or that woman. Kavya replies, “I will support the truth.”.

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