Agnisakshi 31st March 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 31st March 2023 Written Episode Update on

After Jhanvi caught Satvik and Jeevika, Rajnandini thought they were playing a game, so no one would interrupt her from making her plan. Shlok says don’t force Bhaiyya to lie. Aadhya asks Shlok if you both have the same place to hide. As soon as I am caught, I will search. Jeevika says I was caught too. Rajnandini says my Vohras deal will not be completed if they are here.

According to her, if they remain together for a short while longer, they won’t end up as lifelong companions. Once they return, she will symbolically mark the end of their marriage by carrying the aarti plate. Upon Pradeep’s arrival at home, he hands Jhanvi’s bag to Pallavi. Swara urges Pradeep to share what transpired during his absence. He reveals that Jeevika is thoroughly content in that place. Pallavi mentions that she has selected Satvik for Jeevika. Pradeep commends her decision. Swara suggests going shopping with Pradeep. Pembroke comes across Supriya and Satvik’s photo in a magazine and makes a mental note to investigate further.

Juhi scolds Jhanvi. Jhanvi says this is Jeevi Aatya’s room. Juhi asks her to hide wherever she wants. Jhanvi hides behind the bed. Juhi switches off the light and locks the door. Jhanvi is scared.

Aadhya and Shlok ask Jeevika why she has not searched Bhaiyya. Jeevika says she will search him. Jeevika sees him in the mirror and smiles. Aadhya and Shlok tease her. Satvik also sees Jeevika and comes out. He says we’re all caught and asks who will now turn? Aadhya tells him to wait since Jhanvi has not been found yet. Jeevika calls her. Pallavi comes to her room and wonders where to hide the photo? She thinks to hide it under the mattress, but the photo falls off and goes under the table.

Pallavi quickly hides the magazine, while Juhi stands outside the room and proceeds to put away the key. As Jhanvi cries for help, Satvik, Jeevika, and others rush to find her. However, they are unable to open the locked door. Shlok contacts Juhi and inquires about the situation. Juhi claims to have no knowledge of why the room is locked. As everyone tries to figure out a way to open the door, Narayan suggests breaking it down. While reassuring Jhanvi not to be afraid, Satvik proposes taking her to a candy shop. He then reveals that he has the key with him. Just as Shlok finds all the keys and approaches Satvik, he uses it to unlock the door. Upon entering the dark room, he turns on the light and rushes over to Jhanvi’s side. Overcome with relief, Jeevika embraces Jhanvi while she explains how she ended up locked in there by Juhi who had also turned off the light intentionally.

As Rajnandini arrives, she overhears Jhanvi’s cries. Reacting quickly, she slaps Juhi to protect her. However, she quickly changes her tone and reminds Juhi that she is just a guest in their home. Narayan interjects, stating that Juhi is not a mere guest but Rajnandini’s sister. In response, Juhi explains that she had been playing with Jhanvi when her phone rang and she left the room. She claims to have no knowledge of who locked the door. To appease Narayan and the others, Rajnandini pretends to apologize for the incident. Meanwhile, everyone hears Jeevika singing a lullaby for Jhanvi and rushes to the room. Seeing Satvik’s emotional reaction, Rajnandini becomes enraged and grabs Juhi away from there. Juhi questions why Rajnandini would slap her own sister for the sake of a stranger. Unable to contain her anger, Rajnandini argues that no one should lock a young child in a room without informing anyone else about it.

It has been many years since Satvik heard this lori and Shlok says he is hearing it for the first time. Aadhya also gets emotional. Narayan says he sees Savitri’s reflection in Jeevika.


It was Jeevika who found all of Rajnandini’s fraud details. Satvik says she misused our trust. Papa says it was not Choti Anu or an employee, but Jeevika.

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