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Kavya sees Adhiraj suffering from neck sprain in the episode and takes the haldi lep. She goes to offer help. He resists at first. She insists. He smiles and signs her to apply it. They have a moment. She lies on her bed. He lies on the floor. She sleeps. He also tries to sleep. She recalls the villagers’ wrath. Adhiraj is sleeping when she wakes up.

Lie by his side and you’ll hear her say, “I have no courage to face another heartbreak.” Adhiraj hears her and opens his eyes. He turns around and sees her sleeping beside him. The lady spots them and calls her husband. Jaideep asks the manager to call the cops, but Giriraj asks him not to go to the police. She asks when you’ll be home, okay, I’ll be careful…

In response, Jaideep asks what you mean. Giriraj says if you call the police, the news will spread like wildfire, you understand, your academy was in the news last week too. It is impossible for me to save you this time, since my son is still stuck with her. Jaideep says I’m doing my best to find them. Giriraj says no one should know, my men are also looking for them.

They can be found by the villagers before we reach them, Jaydeep says. Kavya sees her husband, a hospital watchman, coming home. She hears him. Karan says it is 11 pm, Adhiraj and Kavya didn’t come. Sanjeev says they aren’t reachable. Anusha says I hope everything is okay. They ask the manager about Adhiraj and Kavya. The manager says he didn’t see them, but we are seeing you.

Upon being asked again, the manager confidently assures them that everything is under control. He explains that they are currently searching for the missing individuals and urges them not to worry. Malini suggests contacting Kavya’s mother to inform her of the situation, but Giriraj advises against it, citing that he has already spoken to Jaideep who promised to find them. Malini expresses concern as a parent, but Giriraj reminds her that he is also a politician and must handle the matter delicately. He reveals that he had already discussed the issue with their party office and they have decided to give the ticket to Adhiraj instead of Omi due to his maturity. He adds that if this information gets out, it could potentially harm Adhiraj’s reputation. However, he reassures his wife that he will take care of everything but needs some time to do so.

Adhiraj and Kavya attempt to confront the woman, who then explains that the villagers are targeting them. She shares that Navya, whom she recalls as the one who delivered her first child, had saved her weak newborn. Curious about the current state of her child, Kavya inquires about him. The woman sorrowfully reveals that he passed away due to a faulty injection administered by Navya. Shocked by this information, Kavya listens as the woman breaks down in tears. She then asks if they are angry at Navya and herself. In response, the woman states that she does not hold any grudges as she believes it was not intentional and refuses to think of Navya as wrong. When confronted about why she did not speak up to the villagers, the woman shares that she did try but was ignored and struggled to do it alone.

Kavya cries. The lady says don’t get disheartened, hospitals are much needed here, the hospitals in the city are far, I lost two children due to inaccessibility of treatment, and I don’t know what will happen with my fourth. In a hug, Kavya promises to start the hospital here, and they head out to see the angry villagers. Her husband slaps her. Adhiraj catches him.

Kavya asks the man to stop. The man scolds the lady and raises his hand again. Kavya stops him. The villagers beat up Adi. Kavya shouts Adi…. She rushes to Adi and hugs him. She shouts stop. Sarpanch asks everyone to stop. “I’m Navya’s sister, do not beat Adi, let him go.” The man says we won’t leave him behind.

Adhiraj fights them. She gets a fire torch and asks them to step back. Omi comes and fires in the air. He asks them to stop. He says violence doesn’t benefit anyone, so I ask you to go home, else…. I will shoot you all. He asks the men to go home. Omi hugs him. He says I’m fine. Omi says I’m fine because you’re fine.

Adhiraj informs Kavya that Omi is his elder brother. She greets him, and he expresses his gratitude for her sharpness and intelligence. After thanking the person who saved him, Adhiraj and Kavya depart. Omi contacts Giriraj to update him on Adhiraj’s condition and mentions that Adhiraj has fallen for Kavya. Despite Omi’s praise of Kavya, Giriraj remains firm in his belief that she cannot be part of their family. He reminds Omi that his love for his brother has clouded his judgement, and action must be taken.


During the fight between Kavya and Adhiraj, Giriraj plots the fight. Kavya tries to start the hospital, while Shubh visits her.

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