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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 11th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the Episode unfolds, Dev and Rishita discuss their new gated community. He mentions speaking to a maid who will assist in taking care of their children and mother. Rishita asks if she is willing to join them, to which he replies that it is uncertain but they have kept a room for her in case she changes her mind. She assures him that everything will work out and promises to resolve their issues with his family. They both agree on the importance of instilling the same values in their kids as Dhara and Maa have taught them. As they arrive home, Shweta and Chiku are there to welcome them. Overcome with emotions, Dev breaks down and Rishita comforts him before he retreats to his room where he reminisces about his family. She reminds him of the school admission process and encourages him to make new friends. In his room, Dev looks through a box filled with memories, while elsewhere Suman visits their old house and becomes emotional.

People often reminisce about their time in the house. In Baghban, there is a scene where Suman divides her jewelry and Mittu passes a pencil to Shesh, warning him to take it before their mom gets upset. Natasha also urges Shesh to grab his eraser or risk a fight with their mom. Suman comments on how even the kids and their belongings were divided, bringing an end to everything. Then, Shesh points out that there is still one thing left for division – the model of the Pandya house, which they had all made together. He suggests that they divide this as well, to avoid any further arguments. Mittu agrees and encourages them to get it over with before anyone else starts fighting.

This house is for good homes, Suman says. Natasha agrees that if you get it, no one will fight. Gautam says there is one last thing left, I’ll get it. He gets Darshan’s picture. Suman says I’ve divided my jewellery into four shares, take one. Rishita doesn’t want it. She accepts it from Suman and says she can take any one of the four shares.

Raavi’s whereabouts are inquired about by Shiva, to which he responds that she is on her way. She then instructs him to give Raavi the item and distribute everyone’s portion. Tears flow from everyone’s eyes. As per Suman’s division, each person receives their fair share. Dhara arrives and questions if Nagesh has arrived yet. Suman hands over Dhara’s portion of the jewelry, stating that it is divided equally among them all. Dhara then hands it over to Natasha, expressing her lack of interest in the valuables. Gautam interjects with a proposal, suggesting that only three portions be created instead of four. He signals agreement from Suman before clarifying his stance to Dev, emphasizing that he will also need to begin anew by creating a home and a career for himself.

Suman says you’ve taken what he had. She asks Gautam why he is denying the share, he has to start a house, four shares will be made, it is final. Gautam says we don’t want anything, this house has already given us a lot. Suman says fine, then my Pandya store will go to Gautam and Dhara. Gautam says, if you don’t object, can I keep the store. Everyone agrees. When Shiva wants to handle the Pandya store, just come without hesitation.

Shiva expresses that Pandya store holds a special place in our hearts, and I can always turn to it anytime. Gautam is running the store efficiently. After embracing Gautam, he reminds him to never forget that he is always there for him, no matter what. Dev assures Gautam that they will be staying together. Hearing this, Shiva assumes that she will go with him; however, Suman interrupts, stating that she doesn’t want to be a burden on anyone after the division of properties. She then tearfully announces her decision to go to an ashram and has already arranged for an autorickshaw. This news shocks everyone, and Suman sobs uncontrollably.


Suman says he’s leaving, if you miss me, then come to meet me. Gautam tells everyone their new address. Everyone leaves.

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