Kumkum Bhagya 16th October Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th October 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

A few people keep enmity in their hearts, but don’t expect this from you, Mihika tells Prachi. When Prachi is about to check Ranbir, Mihika pushes her and acts crazy, asking Ranbir if he’s okay. Ashok takes Mihika from there. Then Ranbir says he is allergic to Prachi and tells her she has done nothing wrong.

Prachi is sad and leaves, Ashok looks on. Ashok asks Mihika why she is creating so much trouble. She says Prachi wants to harm Ranbir and I will not say anything. She says I will say something. Ashok asks Prachi who you are saying this against? Mihika asks if she is Devi. Manpreet comes over and says I will teach her manners. Ashok leaves. Mihika asks Manpreet, why is she talking to her dad this way?

Manpreet asks what you are saying? Mihika answers that Prachi wants to snatch my would-be husband and that Ranbir is the only one I want.

Prachi will never cross the limits, says Manpreet. She tells Prachi that Ranbir is Prachi’s past, that they have a daughter Khushi whom they love very much. She asks her to accept that the past cannot be changed. In her opinion, you are a hundred steps ahead of Dad and love Prachi more than you do me.

Akshay comes there and says she can love everyone but us. He says she loves Prachi more than you and Ranbir more than me. If she had considered us her children, she wouldn’t have abandoned us during our childhood. We lived like orphans, he says, and if she felt bad, he is sorry. He goes. Mihika says Bhai was right…Prachi comes there to hear her.

As Mihika says, you love Prachi, but you don’t love and care for me in the event that anything should happen to me. In fact, she says, I am sorry to say that you are not a good mother, but a bad mother, and in reality you do not deserve the title mother. I wish you had loved me like you loved Prachi. She asks her to take Prachi as her daughter, and she becomes her mother. She says I am not your daughter, and Manpreet tears up and sees Prachi. Prachi leaves her alone and leaves her alone.

Manpreet enters the kitchen and confides in Prachi, stating her belief that she overheard their conversation. Prachi quickly clarifies that it was purely accidental. She expresses how much Manpreet means to her, and reveals that she married Akshay for the sake of Khushi’s custody. She then adds that there is another reason, their father figure Tandon Sir. Prachi explains how she couldn’t spend enough time with her biological father and found paternal love in Tandon Sir. She also mentions receiving maternal love from Manpreet. Sadly, when Mihika disclosed that Manpreet loves her more than a mother should, it didn’t sit well with her. However, she is grateful for Manpreet’s love. In response, Manpreet reassures her that she will always be like a mother to her.

Prachi hugs him and tears up. Manpreet tells him that she is with her. Ranbir looks at them and smiles. He hugs Manpreet and says: I know your son doesn’t like you, but I will always love you.

In her room, Mihika gets angry and cries. Divya comes behind her. Mihika tells her mom is not just taking Prachi’s side but also wants to take Ranbir from me and give him to Prachi. Divya asks if you’ve heard that. In her statement, Mihika says she knows that Manpreet wanted this, and that Ranbir cared about her and loved her, but Prachi is stealing him away from her. She says Ranbir always saves Prachi, so why should I live and says I want to die.

The woman is about to fall from the window, but Divya saves her. When Mihika tries to cut her wrist, Divya stops her and tells her that she will not die, but Prachi will. She says she is with her in all her wrongdoings. She asks how Prachi is going to die? Divya tells her that she will die by accident. She tells her to call Prachi to the kitchen to make khichdi for Mom, who wants light food. They leave.

Ranbir expresses confusion to Akshay about his sudden change. Akshay then explains that he falsely accused Ranbir of tampering with the car brakes, but has since realized his error and apologized. Ranbir asks for the truth, to which Akshay admits that he also struggles to believe it, and confesses his feelings for Prachi. Meanwhile, Divya and Mihika enter the kitchen together, with Divya staying outside while Mihika turns on the gas main knob. They then depart from the area.

Ashok expresses his worry to Manpreet, who advises him to take his medicine. He shares that he is concerned for their family, and Vishaka joins them. Ashok expresses his sadness over Akshay and Mihika’s actions, questioning if they see Ranbir and Prachi as mere objects. As he receives a call and leaves, Vishaka and Manpreet discuss the situation. Manpreet confides in Vishaka about how Akshay and Mihika do not consider her as their mother or respect her for leaving them when they were children.

As you have brought them up, she says they respect you. Vishaka says they don’t respect me, but they know I will hide their mistakes, as I did. Despite the fact that she is still doing the same, she tells her that Mihika’s car brakes failed, Akshay knew about this, and Akshay also arrested Ranbir for it. She says, “I don’t know how to stop this.”

From where did she get this idea? Divya says you did it 7 years ago. Mihika gets worried and angry. Divya asks if we should act on our plan. Mihika says yes. Manpreet wants khichdi because she wants something light, so Divya goes to Prachi and says she will make it in 2 minutes.

Divya praises her cooking skills. Prachi says everyone cooks here well. Divya says she doesn’t cook. Prachi says you’ll do well. She goes out to tell Mihika that Prachi agreed. Mihika asks if she was doubtful. She says no and says she didn’t. They see Prachi coming there and wait for the blast to happen.


In the kitchen, Ranbir helps Prachi light the gas. Mihika asks Divya to help her find Ranbir. The house help says Ranbir Sir is in the kitchen. Mihika is shocked.


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