Pandya Store 9th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 9th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with the doctors treating Dhara. Gautam prays for her. Dev hugs him. The doctor arrives and announces that Natasha’s transplant operation has been successful. Everyone smiles. Rishita hugs Dev and cries happily. Shweta and Rishita ask if Natasha can be met. The doctor says no, she is resting now, you can meet her later.

Gautam asks about Dhara. The doctor says Dr Alok will let you know about her. Suman prays for Dhara. She says Dhara has given Rishita’s daughter a new life. Rishita apologizes. Doctors try to revive Dhara. Upon Dhara’s recovery, Rishita says she will accept that Natasha calls her Maa. Shweta asks who are you, Natasha didn’t accept you as her mum. Suman scolds her.

Gautam asks the nurse if Dhara is okay. She says doctors are trying their best, but there is less hope. Gautam says it’s impossible for anything to happen to Dhara. He cries and prays for her. Suman says she has always won over the struggles, and she will win this time as well. Gautam says stop her, I’m going to die if anything happens to her. Suman cries. She takes a stick from the watchman and goes. Everyone follows her. Suman enters the OT, and everyone comes inside. They are shocked when they see Dhara.

Dr Alok requests them to step outside and allow them to carry out their work. Suman says asking her to get up. The doctor asks Gautam to take everyone outside. Suman says she’ll talk to her, and she’ll get up. Suman asks Dhara to come with her. She hits on Dhara’s feet, and Gautam stops her. Suman scolds Dhara, and Gautam cries as he holds Dhara’s feet.

Shivank inquires, “What are your plans now?” Shweta responds, “I will make things difficult for them. They won’t be able to kick me out.” Shivank admires her confidence and remarks, “I appreciate your self-assurance.” Shweta adds, “You’ll also acquire my level of confidence eventually.”
The doctors treat and revive Dhara. They smile. Dr Alok says it’s a miracle. The nurse informs her family members. Dhara becomes conscious.

Everyone is glad when the nurse says Dhara’s heartbeat has returned. However, the nurse says her condition is still serious. Suman says she will get better, don’t worry. Dev tells Gautam not to worry, she will get better soon. Suman stops Shweta. Shiva scolds Shweta. Suman teaches Shweta to get out. Shiva asks why

She shows her right to Natasha, the daughter of Dhara. Natasha considers me her mother, so she shouldn’t take any stress in this situation. Rishita says I’m Natasha’s mum, she’ll accept me as her mother one day. Suman agrees. Shweta says she’ll need me. She leaves. Rishita worries.

Tell me about Rishita Natasha’s mom, she’s Dhara’s daughter, right? Suman says spare me now. Dev says I’ll explain to you later. Shiva says tell me now. Dev says I’ve got to handle Gautam. Gautam gets drunk and comes home. Suman is shocked. Gautam lies asleep. Suman cries.


In the middle of the road, Gautam meets with an accident. Krish informs Dev. Dev is shocked.

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