Pandya Store 27th January 2023 Written Update

Mittu says he doesn’t want to try. Shesh asks Mittu to try. Mittu says no. Chiku says to leave him. Shesh bites his hand and throws the marbles at the TV. Shesh laughs. Chiku worries. Dadi used to play video games, she will kill us. Gautam asks Suman to be careful. Suman emotionally blackmails him.

Dev asks why you came late. Gautam replies we went to the temple, Suman used to go there every day to pray for your return, but now that you have returned, she went to thank Bholenath. Dev says don’t worry, I will explain. He asks Dhara to take Suman for puja. Shiva says we were here in this house, we didn’t go anywhere, so why did Mum go?

It may shock Suman if Rishita talks anything to her. Raavi says we can’t stay here for long, our landlord gave us one month to pay rent. Shiva asks if we need to pay rent to stay in our house. Shiva asks what did you say, what happened to me. Dev says you are fine, come, we’ll do puja. He says don’t worry Shiva.

Suman says our family has come together through Dhara’s idea and my acting. Dhara says you overact, and good, we have to play this drama for a while; they won’t leave you until you get better. Chiku says Suman came, we are gone now. Suman wants to talk, laugh, and hug them, but if I don’t act, will they go away? Rishita says we’ll talk about our share when Suman gets better.

Dhara asks if you are feeling better. Suman says I feel like going. Shesh asks what she will do. Chiku scared him of Suman. Shesh laughs and says this doesn’t happen. Shish imagines Suman’s anger. He shouts no, and Mittu hit the marbles too. Mittu sobs. Chiku says don’t cry, we’ll clean the glass, and cover the TV. Suman says take me to my room.

He says he doesn’t want her to take the last breath in the room, you don’t have to watch television inside. Mittu says you can’t see the television inside. Suman asks Chiku to let her go. Chiku says no. Dhara tells Mittu to get away. He asks her to understand.

Rishita says Dhara would have taught this to Chiku. Chiku says Suman is hungry, get her some food. Suman says yes, get me a samosa. Shiva says I’ll have it. Gautam says I’ll also eat samosas. Dhara says Suman is sick so she can’t eat it. Suman says fine, get boiled food for me.

Raavi says no one asked you to eat. Suman asks where is Krish. Shiva asks where did Krish go. Dev says nowhere. Dhara takes Suman to the room. As Krish meets the girl, he makes an announcement. He thanks them and says we will handle the arrangements, donate blood for Suman Pandya, and pray for her recovery.

Krish thanks, everyone. They all clap. Chiku asks Suman not to watch the TV. Suman asks why are you saying that again and again? The cloth falls. Suman says they broke my television and how will I play the game now? Shesh gets scared when Chutki breaks things in her house. Chiku says he is lying, he has hit the marbles.

Raavi asks Mittu to come out. Shiva says, return my marbles, come on. Mittu says no, Dadi will beat me. The people talk about Krish’s blood donation camp. She asks them to send the video link to her. The man apologizes, and we will get a cold drink for her. Chutki is hugged by Shweta.


Shweta sees Krish and gets shocked. She asks how he got so rich, who is this girl with him, and how has his fate been so good.

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