Pandya Store 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store March 15, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Shiva’s shock upon seeing Shweta. She laughs, triggering his memories of a past incident. Shweta wishes him a happy Holi and starts dancing. However, Shiva becomes angry and abruptly stops her by playing the dhol. Krish becomes concerned about Shiva’s anger, and to their dismay, the dhol breaks. Shweta falls over the dhol and asks why he stopped playing. Shiva shouts Shweta, leaving Krish shocked. Chiku cries, reminiscing about his moments in the house.

Shiva approaches Shweta, but Krish pleads with him to leave her alone. Dhara and Rishita arrive at the scene and call out to Shiva. Dev also comes and intervenes, preventing Shiva from taking any drastic action. Shiva claims that Shweta has their Chutki and demands to know her whereabouts. Rishita tries to stop Shiva and reprimands Shweta. Shweta mocks Shiva’s excitement and questions his fascination with her beauty. Enraged, Shiva threatens to kill her, while she threatens to send him to jail. Shiva continues to demand answers about Chutki’s location and eventually screams and collapses, causing everyone to worry.

Meanwhile, Chiku packs his bags, expressing his disillusionment with his mother and deciding to leave the house. Shesh, who also feels unloved by his mother, joins him and reveals his own grievances. Mittu, feeling neglected by his father, confesses his sorrows as well. Chiku offers an extra bag to Shesh and suggests they leave together.

Back at the hospital, the family rushes to Shiva’s side and breaks down in tears. Shweta comments that he fell, and Dhara, filled with anger, slaps Shweta, questioning why she had to confront Shiva. Krish intervenes, suggesting they take Shiva to the hospital. Dhara contacts Prerna and asks her to find the kids while she takes Shiva to the hospital. Natasha witnesses the boys packing their bags.

Chiku reminisces about his past moments, and they gather their marbles. However, Natasha intercepts them and expresses her desire to accompany them. Chiku refuses, stating that she always gets them into trouble. The kids leave without her. Shiva receives medical treatment at the hospital and ponders his encounter with Shweta. Raavi and Suman anxiously await news. The doctor informs them that they need to conduct tests and expresses concerns about Shiva’s condition. Shiva is admitted to the ICU, and the family is asked to wait outside. Natasha follows the kids, and when she catches up to them, Chiku questions her motives. Natasha reveals her own dissatisfaction with her mother and expresses her desire to leave. Mittu asks about her mother, but Natasha admits that she doesn’t know. The children decide to bring Natasha along. Meanwhile, Prerna continues her search for the kids, while Chiku and the others hide from her.

In the precap, a lady discovers the missing kids and offers them food. Rishita expresses her worry about all the children being missing, while the lady apprehends the kids.


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