Pandya Store 30th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha and Dhawal Kidnapped

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 30th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode commences with the goons attempting to abduct Dhawal and Natasha. A scuffle breaks out, during which Dhawal manages to uncover one of the kidnapper’s identities by removing his mask. The kidnapper quickly puts his mask back on and checks a photo of Dhawal and Natasha before fighting with Dhawal. Despite his efforts, Dhawal cannot see the faces of any goons as they strike him. Natasha is left stunned as the goons knock her unconscious and take her and Dhawal away. Chiku remains lying on the ground as this happens. Eventually, the goons bring them to a hotel room, where Rocky calls Amrish to inform him that their job is done, but an unidentified person has shown up. Amrish inquires if this person saw them, to which Rocky responds in negation.

As Dawal gets conscious, he says Natasha. The goons make him unconscious again. Suman sees a bulldozer in the morning. The man says, “We have an order to destroy the Pandya store.” Chiku becomes conscious. Seeing the papers, Sheesh and Mitts are shocked. Mittu says this man is telling the truth. Suman asks what. Shesh says you trusted Natasha; see the result. Suman says calm down. Shesh argues.

Suman calls out to Chiku, who rushes over immediately. Suman explains that Natasha has permitted the store to be broken into. Chiku reminds them that blind trust can lead to harm. Suman then requests for Chutki to be called. Chiku reveals that this is all happening at her command, as she has signed the necessary papers. Dhawal and Natasha are now awake and confused as they are kidnapped. Chiku assures them not to worry and promises to take care of everything by letting the store break and starting fresh. However, Natasha disagrees and insists on calling Chutki since it is her store.

The three of them stand with Suman, who says he will not move. They hug Suman, who says nothing will happen. Natasha checks Dhawal’s wound. Goon asks Rocky to check them once.

Suman is taken away by Chiku. Mittu takes Shesh away. They cry as the bulldozer breaks into the Pandya store. Suman cries, shouting no. She recalls her sons. Shesh says Natasha caused this. The Pandya store gets destroyed. Dhawal and Natasha see the goon coming. The goon sees them at the window. He runs. He says he’s… Natasha asks if you know him. Suman says she can’t do that. She’ll talk to me and call Chutki and Amrish.

Chiku says it’s foolish to ask Amrish, Amrish is doing all this, we can’t do anything. Dhawal says no, I don’t know. Come, we have to run; we have a chance. Trying to escape, the goons chase them. Amrish calls Rocky. He asks if everything is fine. Rocky says they both have run away, and we are following them, so we’ll catch them. Amrish says, idiot.

Shesh and Mittu help him keep the board aside. Natasha says she can’t run anymore. Dhawal asks her to run. The goons beat Dhawal. Dhawal asks Natasha to run. Suman cries, seeing a board falling from the Pandya store. Chiku holds the board. Shesh and Mittu assist.


Natasha says I gave this relationship a second chance, but you tricked me and took my signature on the papers. You have broken the Pandya store, and I have too.

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