Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 19th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Vandana Stands Up to Sonia

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 19th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kunal admitting he is not familiar with kite flying. Vandana responds by offering to teach him, and Kunal smiles at her. Meanwhile, Tara is asked to hold Vandana’s hand. As Sonia approaches Kunal to inform him about leaving the house, he assures her that a new place has been selected for her and even security will be arranged. Amid this, Sonia asks if she can celebrate one last festival with Tara. Pammi intervenes and requests to let Tara be, which Kunal agrees to. Soon after, Sonia invites Tara to join the fun, but she declines. However, Vandana encourages her to participate, while Sonia promises to cut Vandana’s kite as they cheer together.

Vandana cuts Sonia’s kite. Kunal says well done. Sonia gets sad. Tara says I was with my parents’ team, and we won. Sonia counts down. The child welfare dept people come. The lady says we have a complaint against you. Kunal asks who filed the complaint. Sonia says I did. She says I worry about Tara. I’m her mother, and you don’t worry about her. Vandana asks what you’re talking about. Sonia says I can see it, Vaani pushes Tara into the fire.

Vedika pleads for Sonia to stop fabricating stories about our mother. In response, Sonia urges not to defend her, reminding Kunal of the importance of taking his medication to maintain his stable state. This angers Kunal, and he declares that they cannot guarantee the safety of Vaani and Vedika. He stands by his truthfulness and confronts Sonia’s suggestion for him to leave. Ready to depart, he insists that if he goes, his daughter will go with him as her life is at risk. Expecting resistance, he has already called for officers because he knows they won’t let him take Tara. Vandana consoles Tara as she refuses to leave her side despite Kunal’s reassurance that she will not be taken from them. Seeing Tara’s hesitation, Vandana encourages her daughter to go with Kunal.

Kunal gazes at Vandana, who promptly instructs Tara to go inside. After sending Tara away, Sonia mentions that she will accompany Kunal. However, Kunal reminded her that she had no issues when he asked her to go earlier. Sonia then brings up how Kunal used to resent and despise Vaani, who caused him pain and trauma by leaving him during his childhood. Despite this, he wants to push Sonia out of the picture now that she has returned and he loves her. She expresses concern for Tara’s safety and claims that Vaani needs particular attention, as she is Kunal’s mother, whom he cares deeply for. Sonia then adds that she is Tara’s mother and loves her just as much, so why can’t she also consider Tara’s well-being? All this while, a tearful Tara watches on helplessly.

Pammi says Sonia is right. Vaani needs medical care. Kunal tells Sonia to send them the complaint. He says no one will leave this place. Tara and Vaani won’t go. She can’t leave Tara here. Vandana says she can prove this is a lie, don’t make stories, Vaani saved Tara from fire. Sonia says you’re making up stories. Vandana shows the video to them. I received the video because Pammi called a photographer during the Lohri function and uploaded it online.

My mom thinks I’m trapped. Vandana says I’ll tell you what you haven’t seen in the video. Sonia wants Tara gone because she hates me, not because she loves Tara. She didn’t give me a list of her phobias. You blamed me and made me look like a bad mother. Kunal and I messaged each other and asked them to get Tara, you deleted the message and went to get Tara, Mrunal and you morphed my pictures and leaked them to defame me, you told me clearly that you wanted me out of Kunal and Tara’s lives.

My promise to you was that the day I saw love in your eyes for Tara, I would step back because I could see revenge, jealousy, and adamancy all over again. There is no competition here. Tara isn’t a trophy; she’s a little girl. She gets happiness and family here. You blame Vaani without knowing her story. What are you doing? You are also doing wrong. Can’t you see it? Why do you want to snatch everything from her?

Vandana says no, you are doing your duty to protect the kids, and thanks for coming. The lady says sorry, we have troubled you. Pammi thinks Vandana can tell the truth as well. Kunal evicts Sonia and shuts the gate, telling her not to come here. Vandana gets angry at Sonia. Kunal, you evicted me. One day, she’ll evict you from your house, and you’ll regret it. He says shut up, out. She leaves.

Vedika says it isn’t your fault. Pammi worries. Vaani apologizes. Tara hugs Vandana and says I don’t want to leave. Vandana says you will stay here, go to your room and play. They love you. Vaani remembers Sonia’s words. She asked if I was a lousy mother. I feel hated so much; I just hurt you, and I can’t change that. I apologize. Kunal cries.

The photoshoot is over. Bobby says good. She thanks me for supporting me. The man says she is too good, and the boss will decide. Bobby says fine. Where is your boss? Vaibhav says I’m here. The man says he’s my boss. Vaibhav says Mrunal, I’m working on the ad model for your company. Bobby says don’t bother.

Vaibhav asks if she is having fun. I also had a lot of fun, but don’t get sentimental; otherwise, you don’t know which child she will get. Bobby says shut up. Vaibhav says Mrunal, dig magic in you. Bobby says don’t trouble her. Mrunal cries. Vaibhav says he’ll take revenge until peace is achieved. Bobby says get lost. Vaibhav says he is the boss, he has a lot to do, Mrunal won’t see this ad, so pack up and leave.

Vaibhav delivers a stern statement to Mrunal, insisting that she should not keep the baby and terminate it to preserve their romance. He then exits, leaving Bobby to comfort Mrunal and apologize on behalf of Vaibhav’s words. Overwhelmed with guilt and regret, Mrunal blames herself for her current situation and agrees with Vaibhav’s views on not being able to raise the child alone. This revelation comes as a shock to Bobby. Feeling conflicted, Mrunal expresses her inability to do any harm to the innocent baby growing inside of her. Vaani begs for forgiveness as Kunal leaves them be. Seeing her in distress, Vandana and Vedika offer their support and assure Vaani that they will work towards improving her relationship with Kunal.


Vandana and Kunal search for Vaani. Kunal asks where she is. Vandana says perhaps she met with an accident. He cries.

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